Why choose a paid web hosting instead of a free one?

The question of choosing between paid web hosting instead of free web hosting is indeed interesting to rise as many of you are wondering about the type of web hosting to take.

Difference between a free web hosting and a paid web hosting

A free web hosting of websites already differs from a paid hosting by the fact that no financial resources are required Yes But…This gratuitousness, interesting for those who prefer the lure of gain to performance, hides disadvantages that you should demonstrate: As soon as you decide to host your website for free, expect unwanted ads, pop-ups, banners, animations (how annoying) to appear on your website.

1 dollar hosting, unlimited reseller hosting

1 dollar hosting, unlimited reseller hosting

Those of you who wanted to create an attractive site in front of internet users and where unwanted ads are present will effortlessly slow down the enthusiasm of your visitors. This will upset the popularity of your site. This unwanted advertisement is not the only one to black out the table of free hosting… on the contrary! You wanted sufficient resources to maintain your website? This will also not be possible for you.

Indeed, as its name indicates, gratuitousness rhymes with unavailability in terms of unavailability of technical support if you encounter problems, resources less or non-existent compared to a paid accommodation.

Do you realize that your site has used up all the disk space available to you? With a paid 1 dollar hosting, this will not have been possible since a solution is always found:

  • Increased disk space
  • The choice between several programming languages
  • MySQL databases and important relative space
  • The regular frequency of backups
  • Availability guaranteed
  • SSL servers

Additional features are free of charge thanks to auto-installers pre-installed applications of the type CMS, e-commerce software, web design software…) Thus, it is sometimes more useful to pay a few dollars and to be sure to have a professional site created in your image.

It all depends on the website you want to create! Indeed, the formula will be different depending on the disk space, the number of e-mail addresses, the number of MySQL databases and many other features you want to take into account.

Choosing a paid website hosting implies that technical assistance will be given to you.

By choosing to pay a few dollars per month for your website to be hosted, you are sure to always have an answer to the questions you are likely to ask yourself.  :

If you are using your administration interface: unlimited reseller hosting has provided you with an easy-to-use administration interface. Indeed, you can manage from your interface all the functions you want: file management, mailbox creation, database management, script installation, web redirection…etc.

  • SSH access: SSH has become a reference to secure access to your account.
  • Statistics: we make available statistical modules for each hosting package so that you can study visit frequencies and establish a typical profile of your users.
  • Email account: you can create contact email addresses so that your visitors can contact you directly from sales@mydomain.com (for example).
  • Guaranteed service time: as customer satisfaction comes first, you are sure to have an answer to your questions.
  • Online help: paid hosting offered online videos, tutorials so you can set up the features you want on your website.
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