How to make money on the blog? Create a blog

In today’s world, everyday work has great alternatives. Such alternative activities can automate the process of earning money, plus-turn into your hobby. Imagine such a pleasant situation-every morning you come to your computer, turn it on and see how much money you have earned while sleeping. Nice, isn’t it? Thanks to the creation and promotion of your blog are quite feasible but subject to its good attendance.

$1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

$1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

You Must have a Question in your mind is it possible to create your own blog and earn enough money for a peaceful life? Yes, it is real and has been working for a long time. Many on their blogs earn good money. If you have a desire to create your own blog and make money on it, but you have not yet figured out how to do it, then this article will help you find answers to some questions.

How to make money on the blog?

The idea of creating your blog and the opportunity to earn money on it attracts a large number of people. This idea is quite feasible, but not everyone can do it. Approximately 10% of people get to make your own blog a sufficient amount of money, others remain disappointed. To earn money on a blog requires not only an understanding of how to create it (at least) but also dedication to be the highest. Understanding your topic also plays an important role.

For a serious undertaking requires the presence of a great desire. You must have perseverance, patience and a good nervous system. Blogging is an integral part of his existence. To achieve success, you need to do it every day, efficiently and interestingly. The results will not come immediately; you will need an indefinite amount of time a month, half a year or even a whole year! What result you will have and how much time it will take to implement it will depend on you.

About earnings

Earnings on the blog are reduced, as a rule, to one – advertising in various forms. Payment is made either for each transition of users on advertising or has a fixed price for placement on your resource for a certain period. Also, one of the types of earnings on the blog is posting links to third-party resources.

Yes, you can earn handsome amount of money only in one case-if your blog is popular and has good traffic. Regarding the placement of links-wishing to do it will find you as soon as the blog begins to turn into a serious resource. You can also promote your products, that is, engage in info business.

Create a blog

Before creating your blog you need to think safely. To create your first and simple blog is quite easy. First, buy 1 dollar hosting and then start with the theme of your blog, it must be interesting to you. This is very important because it will be very difficult to write on topics that you are not interested in. The theme of the blog is obliged to interest readers.

Ideal-to writes in a blog as an expert in any matter. Thus, you will increase the number of readers of your blog in the shortest possible time. But remember that when choosing a very narrow and specific topic to get a lot of readers will be more difficult. Yes, it is not advisable to work with a large number of topics. It will be difficult to keep the reader, he will not know what to expect from you in the future, thus there will be a few regular visitors.

The blog is ready to publish now what to do next? How to go directly to the physical creation of the blog, so it was available on the network? There are two ways.

The first option is quite complex and for inexperienced users, most likely, will not work. In short, it looks like this:

  • To choose a domain for a future blog post.
  • Register it with the Registrar of domain names (ie buy). Such as, for example,
  • Choose a normal unlimited reseller hosting and register on it.
  • Link domain (register DNS server). That is, to inform the hosting service about your Registrar, and the Registrar to your hosting.
  • Select cms (site management system) and upload it to the hosting after downloading it to your computer from the Internet in the form of a compressed folder.
  • To understand the cms what’s what and only then you can begin to take the first steps to create your “child”.

For a beginner it is quite difficult, he went through it. By the way, on the account of cms – choose only WordPress. When you are “in the subject”, it will be possible to move on to something more powerful. I very compactly describe the algorithm of creating a blog. I do not advise to go this way if you do not know anything about how to create sites. It would be wiser to use the second option.


On the Internet, there are a lot of good site designers and sites for blogging, many of them free. For example, -service from Google, free creation of blogs. There everyone can easily post your blog. However, it is at the time for students. Such free services will limit you in terms of earnings. Also, free blogs are less popular with search engines than those that are located on a good, paid to host.

How to make money on the blog

Go with the uniqueness whether its website design or template. It is also worth paying due attention to the choice of name (domain name). Not promising to create your blog with a domain name ahhh! This name does not reflect the theme of your resource. It is the name that reflects the essence of your blog, carries a significant share of future success, that is – attendance.

After publishing your first posts on the Internet, attract an audience start with your friends. They will definitely start to visit your blog and will comment on your articles and leave positive feedback (if friends are normal). Becoming the first and regular visitors, your friends will be able to send you their friends, thereby increasing attendance. Do not neglect to visit blogs close to your subject. Be active when visiting, leaving interesting comments, and most importantly – do not forget to leave a link to your page.

So, to make a blog you need:

  • understand what’s what and create a blog;
  • take measures for promotion, the full promotion will take about a year;
  • regularly post interesting articles, write for people, not for earnings;
  • after 6 months and with relatively good attendance (from 500 per day) take measures to monetize.

The key to the success of any blog – a large attendance. This can be achieved only by posting interesting, unique and relevant information. Good luck!

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