10 reasons to choose WordPress

Whenever you plan to launch a website or blog firstly you need to decide the platform. There are many different content management systems (CMS) and choosing the right platform is a top priority. If you are still not sure whether to create a website on the CMS platform or think that it is not for you, you are wrong. Creating your own fully functioning and a beautifully designed website is not rocket science. It’s actually quite simple, even for beginners who haven’t had much experience with computers. But you may face problems if you choose the wrong platform to build a website. Some platforms require a little knowledge of HTML / CSS or other programming languages, so you need to properly assess your knowledge and skills in terms of your ability to create websites. If you are a beginner, you better choose WordPress. Below is an interactive chart that shows the most popular platforms for creating websites.

 $1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

$1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

Most Internet sites are built on three major platforms. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

CMS for creating websites in Addition to popular platforms for creating websites, there are many others. The choice of most is the WordPress platform!

Ten reasons to choose WordPress

Advantages of WordPress

  1. User-friendly and intuitive interface for both experienced users and beginners. The platform is very easy to use. With the knowledge of using standard programs Microsoft Word and Excel, you can already publish articles on the site. The advantages include its flexibility. By adding different plugins you can make changes the way you want. Whether you want to create a simple small business website or a large portal, with WordPress your dreams will come true.
  2. Easy to set up, manage and update. To use, you don’t need to be an expert on the Internet or have a good command of HTML. All we need is an active internet connection and a browser to create a website.
  3. A good fit for your blog and website. It is true that WordPress was originally developed as a blogging system, but It was many years ago. Over the years, the platform has evolved into a full-featured content management system. This means that you can use this platform to manage your entire website, not just your blog. All you need to have is a reliable $1 hosting or cheap reseller hosting to host your WordPress website.
  4. Thousands of professionally designed themes-many of them are available for free. Themes allow you to create a professionally designed website without a headache or cost of a professional web designer. In this CMS there are more than two thousand free themes and even more available for a fee on commercial sites such as Theme Forest, StudioPress and WooThemes.
  5. Plugins perform complex tasks without the need to hire a programmer. Need more features on the site? Install the plugin! Programmers are developing plugin every day to add more functionality on WordPress websiteso whether you need a simple contact form or a full-featured electronic system, plugins will handle any task.
  6. Easy to optimize. As Google engineer Matt Cutts says, “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO problems.” And with the free Yoast SEO plugin, you can easily optimize your website for search engines.
  7. Popularity. Given the ease of use, availability of professional, high-quality themes and plugins, it is not surprising that WordPress is The most popular system.
  8. Community. With so many users, it’s only natural that a huge and active community has emerged to provide support, share ideas and make WordPress better for everyone.
  9. Easy adaptation of the site for mobile devices WordPress advantages more and more people come to sites from phones and other mobile devices, which means sites should be adapted for mobile devices. Templates are designed to be displayed on mobile devices.
  10. WordPress is time-tested. During the last decade, the management system has been improved, tested and expanded and gained more popularity.
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