How To Move A Cheap SSD Hosting?

Sooner or later, any webmaster is faced with the need or desire to move their project to another location. Whatever the reason, the procedure does not change. Before proceeding with the transfer, consider a few important points.

You need to remember that all sites can be divided into two categories:

  • with the base
  • without a database

Since the main function of the first type of sites is to store and use a large amount of data, all projects built on CMS fall into this group. This group also includes sites where scripts collect and fill in the database information. Therefore, always be careful when choosing a Cheap Hosting India.

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Do not forget about the second group of sites, which, although they do not have a database, are also useful. These include sales pages, business card sites, and other projects that are not limited to a few pages.

Why did we mention this classification?

The fact is that the transfer of the second group of sites is an integral part of the transfer procedure for the first group. Then you will understand everything. Also, know more about Reseller Hosting India to attain great advantages.

What does a website migration look like?

The whole process revolves around the database and file structure, which you need to transfer to another host without loss and violations, and then configure the binding of the domain name. We back up the database and file structure on the Source. To do this, you can use special scripts, a file manager, or another assistant. Fortunately, there are plenty of such people today. Save the created copy to your local computer. We switch the source to maintenance mode using a special command in the management console.

We look at the Destination configuration, and perform a comparative analysis with the Source configurations. This step should have been the first after you decided to move to a new location, to make sure that the move is possible and all the characteristics meet the requirements. Pay attention to the amount of available memory. On the Destination site, it should not be less than on the Source site, because in this case, when you move, you will lose some of the functionality — the script will not start, the site will not start working in normal mode.

Unpack the archive with the file structure to the root directory of the Destination site. At the Destination, create a new database and move the database archive from the Source to it. For this purpose, universal tools, such as phpMyAdmin, are suitable. The names of the databases can vary because different hosts use different prefixes in the names database. Write down the name of the database, the user name, password, and the name of the database server. Then it will come in handy. On the Destination site, set the new values in the configuration files to access the database. Scripts use special files where you have to change all the information that you wrote down in the last paragraph of the instructions. Change the link of the domain name with the Cheap SSD Hosting.

When the binding is triggered, you will see in the browser that the site has started functioning. On the Destination site, the page should open in working mode, on the Source site, the service mode should open.

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