Should I Use Multiple Domains To Promote My Site? Pros And Cons

The work of a webmaster is not complete without puzzles that require difficult decisions. Setting up and promoting multiple domains for a single site (provided that the domains are planned to be promoted in the same area) is one of these puzzles.

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As a rule, information about the existence of parallel domains pops up before SEO specialists in two ways:

-Accidentally in the process of viewing search queries for keys from the main site.

-Directly from the customer, when the customer has already purchased two domains and wants both to appear in the top search results.

This is not a good situation, since multiple domains for a single project mean repetitive content. And the identity of the content inevitably leads to pessimization of the site and sanctions from search engines. They, in turn, threaten to merge domains, that is, the search results will show a single domain, filtering the rest. But the domains purchased in bulk can still be used to promote the site. Also, don’t forget to know more about $1 Web Hosting Australia.

Methods for using parallel domains

Domains ” for future use”

Some companies fear that unscrupulous competitors will buy out domain names that use their keywords. This will put competitors on the first lines, and their own site will be lost in low positions. Therefore, the total purchase of all related domain names begins. The logic here is obvious: the more of them you own, the less likely it is that your competitors ‘ site will overtake yours in the search results.

It seems to be reasonable, but, from the point of view of search engine optimization, it is meaningless. Not only that, such tactics may not affect the position of competitors at all, it will also empty the pockets of the customer. Support for a countless number of domains is very expensive. And who can guarantee that another site will not overtake you simply due to the quality of the content? And this is possible even without a beautiful domain name along with $1 Hosting UK.

It is useful to know: If you decide to risk your budget for this method of eliminating competitors, then use the 301 redirect, so that all your domains are redirected to one main one.

Capturing the first lines of search engines

In this case, the purchase of several domains is motivated only by getting into the top search results. Several own sites in the top search engine sometimes really leads to an increase in traffic. But this method of promotion has its drawbacks. It is not always suitable for offline projects.

Visitors may get confused if they discover that you have multiple sites but only one physical address. The managers of the company do not always find the time to fix the information even on a single website. It is even more difficult to monitor the correspondence of information on both resources. But you need to check the accuracy of the prices indicated on the site, the relevance of the shares. Otherwise, it is impossible to avoid situations when the buyer calls and demands to sell the product under a special offer that has not been valid for several months. For better domain and Cheap Reseller Hosting Canada services, consider the suggested source and get quick help.

And Google does not like when one company owns several sites made under a carbon copy, it takes such actions for spam. And this prevents you from achieving the desired search results.

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