How to create a website on WordPress?

Creating websites on WordPress Is a very popular CMS (content management system) for websites, which is distributed free of charge. This system is declared by the developers as simple and easy to use, which encourages many Internet users to try to develop their own sites on WordPress. But is it really so easy to work with this CMS? Learn more about how to make a website on WordPress, we will go further.

$1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

$1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

All the work on creating a website on WordPress can be divided into several stages. So, the development of the site begins with the installation of the WordPress distribution on the $1 hosting or on the local server, and the next step is the layout of the website template for WordPress or the installation of the finished template. Then you configure the parameters of WordPress, install and configure the necessary plugins, develop individual modules and components. The creation of a website on WordPress is completed by filling the site with unique content.

Installation of WordPress distribution on cheap reseller hosting is quite simple and does not require any too complicated actions. Must be downloaded from the official WordPress site ( unpack the distribution to a separate folder, and then place this folder in the root directory of the site on the web server. After that, you should create a new database for WordPress on The web server and give the MySQL user permissions to access and make changes to this database.

Several changes should be made to the WordPress distribution files hosted on The web server: rename the wp-config-sample file.php in wp-config.php, and then open the wp-config file.php in any text editor and enter into it the connection settings to the created database. Then it remains to open the browser and type in the address bar text “” where -domain name of the created site. The WordPress installation program will start, after which the WordPress CMS will be ready for the next stages of website creation.

If you install a WordPress CMS on a web server is relatively easy, which allows you to cope with such a task even without special knowledge in the field of web programming, the subsequent stages of website development on WordPress are associated with much more complex types of work.

The development of individual modules and components for the site on WordPress is also unthinkable without a confident knowledge of modern technologies of web programming and experience with this content management system. Otherwise, the developed software elements simply will not work or will not work properly, and this should not be allowed when creating a high — quality commercial site (however, any other-too).

Creating websites on WordPress is currently very popular. This is due to the popularity of this content management system, and a large number of available for her free extensions (plugins) that allow you to implement on WordPress a variety of tasks. However, it is impossible not to take into account the fact that the WordPress CMS was originally intended only for blogs and the creation of more complex types of sites on the basis of this system requires considerable experience and confident knowledge in the field of web programming. So to make a website on WordPress without the help of experts will not succeed.

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