Website on WordPress? Learn More about How to Create It

How to create a website on WordPress? This is a topical issue for beginners in the field of web development. If you have a vague idea about terms like hosting or HTML, then this article is just for you. To create your first website on the basis of this CMS does not need special knowledge of layout and even the basics of programming, you do not have to invest much in the purchase of a domain or hosting, because you can get a working and attractive online resource in a minimum time frame.

$1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

$1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

How to create a website on WordPress?

Why WordPress: the main reasons

If you think that for all the simplicity of the site on WordPress will not look professional, or will not bring you a profit in the future, then you are deeply mistaken. “This is one of the most popular CMS” – according to the authoritative news portal “Web Technology Surveys” in 2015. It employs more than 60% of all sites in the network.

So, the main advantages, why choose this system:

The availability of free engine. The fact is that there is an open license agreement that allows you to use this product even for commercial purposes. You do not have to invest “in business” finances and even in case of failure you do not lose anything.

You can create an online resource: news portal, portfolio, blog, business card site, online store and so on.

Excellent functionality. You will have access to free and paid WordPress website templates that meet the trends of modern web design. In addition, all kinds of plugins that help to solve the main tasks, providing effective functionality of the site, are available in the public domain.

Simple “admin”. In settings, it can handle even a beginner.

The ability to publish the first content within five minutes after the creation of the site. Of course, to bring “to mind” your resource will need more time, but after a few minutes, your first news or post will be visible to users on the network.

Let’s start with the registration of 1 dollar hosting and domain. After that, log on to the official website WordPress and follow the steps in the instructions:


  • download the distribution file;
  • open archive;
  • click on “Create database” (the button is located in the Cabinet menu of the selected hosting provider). Give it a name;
  • enter your personal login and password;

You must change the file name instead of wp-config-sample.php on wp-config.php. It must be opened using Notepad and register the host, the selected name of the database, username, and password;

If all the steps are done correctly, you will see a window with congratulations on the successful completion of the process.

Creating a website on WordPress is quite a fascinating and creative process due to a large number of available templates and themes. You can choose the design to your taste. All you need is to pay for cheap reseller hosting and domain if you want something exclusive, then you should pay attention to the paid features.

We recommend using plugins only for specific purposes:

  • Site security.
  • Reducing the percentage of spam.
  • Optimization according to the rules of search engines.
  • Improved functionality and usability.
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