What is a Dedicated Server?

A variety of different providers are active in the web hosting industry. Many of them are also so-called Resellers, which rent capacity from another provider and market their own prices and conditions. The very high level of competition and widespread use result in high price pressure, in which many services are saved. A comparison of dedicated servers-often referred to as Root or Dedicated servers-gives a potential customer a clear and easy-to-understand list of prices and conditions.

1 Dollar Hosting, Cheap Reseller Hosting

1 Dollar Hosting, Cheap Reseller Hosting

Since when is there a comparison of dedicated servers?

A dedicated Server was a long time in the Installation and operation very expensive and largely uninteresting for small and medium-sized enterprises or private individuals. In recent years, however, rental of a Cheap Reseller Hosting has become quite cheap on the basis of cheaper Hardware and lower costs for network connection. The numerous advantages over other Hosting methods – especially the exclusive access to the Hardware – make the Root Server a sought-after Alternative. At the same time, therefore, a comparison of dedicated servers has been established with which interested parties receive an overview of the variety of offers and their services.

A comparison of the Dedicated Server gives special costs?

In general, the comparison of dedicated servers is also free for new customers. In some cases, revenues are generated through advertising and a low Commission, which is charged to the provider. An exception is only complex and professional networks, which provide for a division between Web, file and database servers and possibly services in the Cloud.

Does a comparison of Root Server have advantages and disadvantages?


  • Clearly arranged presentation of different offers
  • Search for special conditions such as Installation or operating system costs possible
  • No time-consuming search with different providers necessary
  • Direct Links for fast ordering
  • Providers with different locations worldwide are considered
  • Providers may grant discounts to new customers
  • Dedicated Server with different performance
  • Clear overview of opportunities and price trends



  • No detailed listing of the terms and conditions of use
  • In some cases, intermediate advertising
  • Offers are partly updated automatically and may be outdated


A comparison of Dedicated Server resources in web hosting?

The comparison is only hosted on the portal’s Web space. For Pure customers, therefore, it does not require any special requirements for 1 Dollar Hosting, but only an up-to-date Browser and an internet connection. The Hosting of comparison, in turn, is relatively expensive and includes an automated collection of providers participate in Affiliate programs and have extensive knowledge in the programming of websites. Revenues from commercial offers must also be taxed accordingly, which is why they usually require the registration of a trade.

When does a comparison of dedicated servers make sense and are there other possibilities?

For a rough overview of the current price situation and the performance of different servers, a comparison of Dedicated Server is always useful. However, it is advisable to carry out a manual comparison, especially for larger projects, which takes into account, among other things, the additional services such as Support, availability of customer service and the costs of external support. For the protection and operation of a Root server appropriate knowledge in the Administration and IT security are essential. In the absence of this, Installation and ongoing support by the Provider should be used in any case. It is recommended to include offers that automatically include these services because hourly billing is usually very expensive and for example does not provide for automatic updating by means of Updates or the unsolicited closing of security gaps.”

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