Shared hosting — what is it? Advantages and disadvantages of virtual hosting.

Among the services of hosting companies there is such a thing as virtual hosting. What is this type of hosting? Under this, at first glance, an intricate name means the ability to host more than one site on the server. The number depends on the volume of files and attendance of these sites. If we take into account the capacity of modern servers, then one machine can accommodate several hundred projects.

1 dollar hosting, cheap reseller hosting

1 dollar hosting, cheap reseller hosting

The advantage of 1 dollar hosting is that customers, who cannot afford to rent a server, but want to create their own representation on the Internet, can easily afford this inexpensive hosting. Almost all websites start their “life” on such hosting.

Ordering a virtual hosting for the site from one of the providers, you get a certain amount of disk space, determined by the tariff plan, and place there the files of your project. For the operation of the site you use the server shares: memory, CPU time and others. Virtual hosting supports all the necessary software (PHP, MySQL, Perl, FTP), which allows you to use any popular CMS for your website. In addition, you get access to a convenient control panel, with which you can carry out various actions with your site without having any special knowledge. All other responsibilities for the organization of the server, its technical support and management fall on the shoulders of system administrators hosting company. So you can not worry about the performance of your site and calmly deal with its content, promotion, customer service.

So, to sum up, the main advantages of virtual hosting:

first, it is a low cost, which makes this type of hosting the most popular among users;

secondly, it is easy to manage, the problems associated with server administration do not concern you , it is a concern of technical support.

However, shared hosting has its drawbacks, let’s consider the main problems associated with the operation of this service. One of the most common problems is server overflow, i.e. when there are more sites on one server than it can serve. However, if you choose a good hosting provider that monitors this parameter and does not allow such errors, then no failure in the server will not be your and other projects the project will work fine.

The second is security. Cheap reseller hosting security is much lower than, for example, the same VPS (virtual dedicated server). If one of the sites, which is located on the same physical server, will be subject to an attack by hackers, it may affect the files of your site. Security is also the responsibility of the hosting company, so choose a reliable provider with a good reputation.

Who are your neighbors? The neighbor problem is a problem for all those who are hosted on the same server. Problems can arise because of neighbors who have, for example, the site of “adult” content. An ideal option to bypass such a server side, so check this question in advance.

To sum up, it is fashionable to say that virtual hosting is the best solution for most projects, the main thing is to choose a good provider that provides a quality server, values its customers and quickly eliminates possible problems.

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