Best control panels for Linux

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When you need to take full control of your Linux server, it is best to use a terminal. Here you can adjust everything very subtly and adjust only those parameters that you need. But it is not always possible, and not always have the time, especially if you have several sites. But you can use the Linux server control panel.

This is a great solution for beginners because to configure the server in this way, you do not need a fundamental knowledge of the device of the Linux system. In this article, we’ll look at the best Linux control panels you can use to administer your server. In our list will be both free and commercial options.

1 Dollar Hosting, Cheap Reseller Hosting

1 Dollar Hosting, Cheap Reseller Hosting

What are the control panels?

The hosting control panel is a web interface with which you can manage the main features of the server in one place. You can configure and install services, add email accounts, FTP accounts, manage files, monitor disk space, and server load, create backups, and more.

Because of its simplicity, control panels are often used on VPS / VDS to automate administrative tasks, as well as on virtual hosts to limit the webmaster’s authority on the system and give him enough control. Now let’s move on to the list of panels for Linux.

  1. cPanel

cPanel is a modern and multifunctional 1 dollar hosting control panel on a Linux server. It has a modern, very convenient and beautiful interface, which will understand any beginner. This panel is very common on various web hosting services.

cPanel gives you full control over domains and subdomains, databases, files on the server, mailboxes, and even SSL security certificates. Only Apache web server is supported. On the side panel, you can monitor the current system boot. And in the settings, you can change the appearance of the interface and apply a different theme. Only one minus, for the use of the panel will have to pay a monthly fee.


  1. Plesk

Plesk is another popular and commercial Linux control panel. It is designed more for VPS because it is integrated with the OpenVZ container management system. Most standard features are supported, such as domain, mailbox, FTP, database, and file management. Of the features can be noted a large number of extensions that increase the functionality of the panel.

  1. ISPConfig

ISPConfig is an open source control panel for cheap reseller hosting that allows you to manage multiple servers from a single location. The program is distributed under the BSD license. All standard functions such as domain management, FTP, SQL, BIND, databases are supported. There is also support for managing virtual servers.

The panel can work with Apache and Nginx web servers, configuration mirroring, clustering and much more are supported.

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