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How to enable viewing HTML content in Horde.

By default it is not possible for us to view the emails in HTML format using Horde webmail interface. All the html content will be displayed at the top of the page and will be requested to download. To fix this issue, you have to enable “Inline HTML message viewing” for Horde in the server. […]

Round Cube Installation

Remove the previous traces of Roundcube in the server. ==================== cd /usr/local/cpanel/base rm -rf roundcube* mysql mysql>drop database roundcube; ==================== Before starting the installation, you need to know the root password of Mysql ==================== cd /usr/local/cpanel/base wget tar -zxvf roundcubemail-0.1beta2.1.tar.gz mv -f roundcubemail-0.1beta2 roundcube cd roundcube chmod -R 777 temp chmod -R 777 logs […]

How to disable the the stats services(Analog or Awstats or Webalizer stats) in a cpanel server via backend.

You can disable Analog or Awstats or Webalizer stats in a cpanel server via backend by editing the file “/var/cpanel/cpanel.config”. 1.Check for the variables skipanalog, skipawstats, skipwebalizer in the file and change the values  of the variables to one. Now the variables should look like as follows:    skipanalog=1 skipawstats=1 skipwebalizer=1 Save the changes and restart […]

Script to transfer an restore mass cPanel accounts.

cPanel Data transfer. *** Before performing the account transfer, please setup the servers to ‘SSH without password’ *** The below given is the script to transfer.   # vi!/bin/bash for i in `cat /etc/trueuserdomains | awk -F: ‘{print $2}’` do /bin/echo “$i” /scripts/pkgacct $i file=$(ls /home/cpmove*$i*) /bin/echo “$file” scp -P PORT $file root@IP:/root wait ls […]

Packages not being displayed in Reseller WHM after transfer

1. Check if the packages are displayed under Create Account option in Reseller WHM.2, If so check the package names : they should be prefixed with its owner name ‘user_'(Reseller account name).3. If the username prefix is missing, it will not be available for editing or deleting in reseller WHM. E.g: For a package ‘testpack’ […]

Accessing Cpanel or Webmail on port 80

Sometimes customers complain about not being able to access Cpanel/Webmail as they are behind some firewall blocking the ports 2082 or 2095. If it is something that cannot be unblocked, then the only solution is to accesss the control panel/webmail via port 80. There is a script called cpanelproxy.php that help us to configure it. […]

Upgrade Perl to 5.8.8 (Cpanel 11.4.2)

The cpanel 11 requires perl version  5.8.8. To upgrade the perl version in the server you can use following steps:- 1. Download perl 5.8.8 using following link:-     [root@serv ~]# wget 2. Untar the tar package using following command  [root@serv ~]# tar -vzxf perl588installer.tar.gz 3. Then Install  [root@serv ~]# cd perl588installer   [root@serv ~]# ./install Once this has […]

Alternative PHP cache (APC)

Alternative PHP Cache (APC) is a PHP extension for caching data and compiled code from php accelerator. It helps to improve the performance of the webserver. The steps to install APC in cpanel are as follows: # cd /usr/local/src Get the latest version of APC, # wget # tar -zxvf APC-3.0.14.tgz # cd APC-3.0.14 […]

Creating a Ruby On Rails application in Cpanel

Ruby On Rails icon is there in cpanel theme from cpanel 11 onwards. You can create a Ruby On Rails application in cpanel by following steps given below. 1. Login to cpanel 2. Click on the Ruby On Rails Icon in cpanel. 3. Fill in the “App Name” box with the application name you want […]

MySQL Root Password Reset

When you try to install mysql using rpm  then some times you have faced password authentication problem. This is not an issue, it means your mysql server is working fine but need authentication to access it. So let us do the following:- $ pkill -9 mysql This is for killing the mysql process running in […]