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Update now button missing from awstats page

PROBLEM The update now option is missing from awstats page in control panel, even though the option allows users to update stats is checked in tweak settings of control panel. RESOLUTION  Open the file ~user/tmp/awstats/ and edit the following line.AllowToUpdatefromBrowser=0Change this value to 1

How to access webalizer directly (outside of cPanel)

It is very easy to view webalizer stats directly without logging into cPanel. You can follow the steps below to access webalizer stats using the URL 1- cd /home/username/public_html2- ln -s /home/username/tmp/webalizer stats 3- chown username.username stats 4- chmod 755 /home/username/tmp/ 5- chmod 755 /home/username/tmp/webalizer Now access webalizer using the URL:    

How to get awstats to view directly (outside of cPanel)

You can follow the steps below (in cPanel server) to view Awstats directly through browser. 1- Download awstats from wget 2- Uncompress it. tar -zxf awstats-6.7.tar.gz This can be uncompressed to domain’s cgi-bin folder. That is to /home/username/public_html/cgi-bin/awstats-6.7 3- Change the ownership to the username. chown -R username.username  /home/username/public_html/cgi-bin/awstats-6.7 4- Copy the contents […]

Enable BING support in AWSTATS

By default the Bing is not recognized as a search engine in AWStats 6.9 and older versions. We can make it possible by doing some changes in the configuration file. To add BING support, we have to edit in the lib directory. Just go through the steps 1. SSH into the server with root […]

Problem with RoundCube

You might have come across the problem where, in a cPanel server, when you try to send an email from roundcube, it will go on and on for long time without sending email. To fix the problem follow the steps given below. /scripts/autorepair net_smtp_fix After running the above script try to send the emails again.

Horde Webmail error

Situation: If you are getting the following error on Horde webmail interface: Warning: Failed opening ‘Net/Socket.php’ for inclusion(include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear’) in /usr/share/pear/Net/SMTP.php on line 93 Fatal error: Cannot instantiate non-existent class: net_socket in /usr/share/pear/Net/SMTP.php on line 95 Solution: Check if the Pear package Net_Socket is present on the server: pear list|grep Net_SocketNet_Socket           1.0.8   stable If not present, […]

WordPress Multisite configuration

In order to configure WordPress multisite, please follow the steps below: Steps to install WordPress: ========================== There are two ways by which we can install WordPress. 1. WordPress installation from cPanel: ~~~~~ 1. Login to the cPanel of the domain. ==== http://domain_name/cpanel ==== 2. Click on “Fantastico De Luxe” under “Software/services”. 3. In the following […]

How to install Cpanel Proxy

CPANEL and WHM usually uses  non-common port which can be blocked by local network policy. CPANEL (non-https) uses port 2082, WHM uses port 2087, and webmail uses port 2095. There is no perfect solution for this , but by installing cpanel proxy we can find a temporary solution. Here’s how to install cPanel Proxy on […]

Setting Forwarder For Outgoing Email For a Domain

To set a forwarder for all outgoing emails  from a particular domain to an email address, follow the steps given below. Note:- This is only tested on cPanel11 Server. 1. Take the file /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter in any of your favorite editor like pico, vim etc 2. Append the following contents to the file /etc/cpanel_exim_system_filter. if      ( $received_protocol is […]

Enable quota in the server

If quotas are not enabled for the partition, the following error will occur while doing a quotacheck in the server. In case of Cpanel server, /scripts/initquotas will throw the following error. /scripts/initquotas Quotas are now on Updating Quota Files…… quotacheck: Can’t find filesystem to check or filesystem not mounted with quota option. quotacheck: Can’t find […]