Three steps to mount remote directory on Linux Server

We can mount the remote directory on the Linux Server by using the following three simple commands only.

Login in to the server as a root user and run the commands one by one and make sure that you are using your own remote server ip instead of our test server ip198.168.0.2

yum install fuse-sshfs

The above command will install the fuse-sshfs

Create the mount directory where you want to mount the remote directory.

mkdir /mnt/remotemount

Now mount the remote directory make sure that you are using the correct remote directory server ip and root password

sshfs root@  /mnt/remotemount

Now check the mount point


If you want to remove the mount point then use the following command

umount /mnt/remotemount

If above command shows the error “mount point busy” the use the following command

umount -l /mnt/remotemount


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