Practical recommendations for choosing VPS hosting for multiple sites

Virtual dedicated server is the most successful version of the hosting account for a web master, which promotes and develops multiple websites. Each of them is able to work independently of the resources of other webmasters, consuming only the resources allocated to the account. This guarantees stable access and almost 100% uptime.

1 Dollar Hosting, $1 Web Hosting, $1 Unlimited Hosting
1 Dollar Hosting, $1 Web Hosting, $1 Unlimited Hosting

General advantages of VPS hosting

For the development of the site, this is more than successful, because it solves two problems at the same time. The first is the possibility of constant access by users with a stable level of performance. The PHP machine works properly within the allocated memory resources, and therefore site visitors can feel as comfortable as possible when studying materials. The second problem solved is search access. Search service robots can visit the resource at any time when the site is running on VPS or VDS or 1 Dollar Hosting and perform its indexing as fully as possible.

But the most important advantage of VPS hosting is the limitation of the hardware resources of the server processor performance. On a virtual dedicated server, none of the other account owners will be able to limit the performance of the other user’s sites. Therefore, each of them is free to work at their own pleasure and place those software components that are vital to the site.

Choosing a VPS hosting service

VPS hosting is considered relatively expensive. No, it is not as expensive as it is commonly assumed, but more expensive than standard hosting on a shared physical server without virtualization technologies. Therefore, the desire of the webmaster should be as follows: he should choose a hosting with acceptable performance indicators, without overpaying for unused hardware resources. To do this, you need to consider all the offers of a particular $1 Web Hosting hoster.

The main criterion for choosing is not the price of hosting a VPS, but the memory resource. You need to choose the tariff that has enough memory to host the databases and resource materials. The second criterion is the price, which is approximately equal for different hosters. Of course, in order not to lose money, you need to choose the hoster who has a test period of 10 days or more. During this time, you can test the characteristics and make a conclusion about whether to purchase this tariff.

The sequence of checking VPS hosting

The main purpose of checking the VPS hosting is to confirm whether the requested resources are sufficient to host the site. The second goal is to make sure that the hoster really provides a quality service, that is, the proposed hardware resources are not provided to someone else.

These resources allow you to evaluate site performance statistics and hardware resource consumption. Here, the $1 Unlimited Hosting webmaster should be interested in the uptime indicator. If it is 100% with any traffic per day, then it is hardly worth wishing for more. Page loading time is another objective criterion. You can rate it on the service It is able to give a load characteristic.

If the loading time of a single page increases, it means that there are not enough hardware resources to process user requests. If the page loads a little more than one second, then such indicators should be considered very successful.

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