How to enable runkit PHP extension

Installing runkit PHP extension.

#cd /usr/local/src #wget #tar -zxvf runkit-0.9.tgz #cd runkit-0.9 #phpize #./configure #make

After running the make command you will get the following error.

/usr/local/src/runkit-0.9/runkit_import.c: In function 'php_runkit_import_class_props': /usr/local/src/runkit-0.9/runkit_import.c:230: warning: passing argument 2 of 'zend_unmangle_property_name' makes integer from pointer without a cast /usr/local/src/runkit-0.9/runkit_import.c:230: error: too few arguments to function 'zend_unmangle_property_name' make: *** [runkit_import.lo] Error 1

Fix is as follows

Edit the file /usr/local/src/runkit-0.9/runkit_import.c and change the following line zend_unmangle_property_name(key, &cname, &pname); To: zend_unmangle_property_name(key, key_len, &cname, &pname);

Again continue with the installation steps.

#cd /usr/local/src/runkit-0.9 #make #make install

Edit the loaded PHP configuration file ( here /usr/local/lib/php.ini ) and add the following line.

You can verify the runkit extension by

root@host[/usr/local/src/runkit-0.9]# php -i | grep -i runkit runkit runkit support => enabled
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