How To Choose a Cheap WordPress Hosting Service Online?

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Are you going to buy web hosting? Here, we will analyze the main points that you need to pay attention to when choosing the right hosting service:

  • the uptime of the hosting
  • server response time
  • additional hosting features
  • pricing
  • free domain

This article will be a guide for you when buying a hosting service. Let’s look at each item separately.

The uptime of the hosting

You buy Cheap WordPress Hosting services to show your site to the world. Therefore, your hosting service, which is responsible for your site/sites, must be available all the time (24 hours a day, 365 days a year). Only then can users and potential customers always get to your site.

Be sure to look at the Uptime (the time of continuous operation of the system), which the hosting company guarantees. Of course, you cannot fully believe the numbers, but if the number is less than 99%, then just cross this hosting provider from your list (99% uptime means that your site may not be available for 15 minutes a day or 8 hours a month).

Server response time

Another thing to check is the server response time.

The response time will let you know how fast your site will load. Moreover, Google now takes this indicator into account in its ranking. To check it, you need to track the time, how quickly the main site of the Cheap SSD Hosting company loads, how quickly the sites that use its services load. And compare them with the performance of other hosting companies.

You can check it using Page Speed (an open source extension to Firefox/Firebug on the site) or on the Webgroup site. In the “Check your site” form, enter the site address of the hosting company and / or sites that use its services.

Additional hosting features

Additional features are not very important, but they are pleasant. Some Reseller Hosting India companies offer many features. Much more than you ever thought to use. Do you really need FrontPage extensions? How about an unlimited number of databases? No? You will probably only need the latest version of PHP, about 2-3 email accounts, an FTP account, and 2-3 databases.

This is only true if you want to install a single site on the hosting. If you are thinking of installing 10 sites on one account, then, accordingly, you need to multiply these numbers by 10. Another important feature is that you need to have regular backups. This will allow you to save your site (s) if something unexpected happens.


After checking the previous items, it’s time to choose the” right ” price.

If you have checked several hosting providers on the previous points and they triple you, then it’s time to make an interesting operation – to cross out the most “delicious” deal. Low prices are the most attractive, but I’m sure you’re looking at prices for the first year. So some hosting companies deceive us-cheap hosting for the first year, and the next year they change the price to the highest rates and do not even notify us.

Free domain

Last but not least. If you are hosting a site for the first time (most likely, you do not have your own domain), you should pay attention to hosting companies that offer free domain registration.

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