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What Is Domain And How Important It is?

A group of networked and related computers that can be accessed via a specific Internet address is called domain. The address of this group reflects the to be a tree-structured name hierarchy on the internet, a domain is a contiguous part of the Domain Name system.

1 Dollar Hosting, $1 Unlimited Hosting, $1 Web Hosting
1 Dollar Hosting, $1 Unlimited Hosting, $1 Web Hosting

The Domain Name System (DNS)

DNS is a system for assigning addresses to internet servers or Hosts. Similar to an international telephone number, the hierarchical Domain Name System helps to provide each resource accessible via the Internet with a worldwide unique address. The technical IP addresses are hidden behind the Domain names. Also, don’t forget to go with the best 1 Dollar Hosting and other great hosting plan for ultimate help. Internet Protocol addresses, which remain invisible to the user in most cases. The Domain Name is a kind of translation of the numerical IP address, which can be easily noticed by people. The address to visit the user a, for example, the IP address but simply “” in the address bar of the browser. The address “” is then passed to a Nameserver, which translates the name into the IP address. The domains have a tree-like structure whose sheets and nodes are called Labels. A full Domain Name is made up of the names of the Labels and the local path. A Domain Name is always resolved from right to left. The further to the right of a Label, the higher its hierarchy in the tree. The Top Level Domain (TLD) can therefore be found on the right side of the IP address separated by dots. In the middle is the Mid Level Domain and to the far left is the Computer or host name, which is often referred to as” www”.

Domains (or Domain names) belong to a Domain owner who must register the name with the responsible administration, the Network information Center (NIC). However, registration does not involve any legal property, but only the right of use for a certain period of time. Another cheap way is to enter your computer as a Subdomain within an existing Domain. A company with the name “example Ltd.” may use the provider “patterns” in the Domain. Registration is not required here, because only domains below the Top Level Domain are registered. And at the same time, one should plan for $1 Unlimited Hosting services for ultimate help.

Allowed Domain Names

  • ICANN-Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
  • The logo of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)

The registration of a domain is usually carried out by a web hosting provider or Internet Service Provider for its customers. The highest Supervisory Authority for the Domain names is the “Internet Corporation for Assigned Names an Numbers” (ICANN). This delegates the assignment to “Domain registrars” or “Service providers” in the individual countries. When you register a domain, it checks whether the desired Name meets certain requirements. First it is determined whether a Name already exists or possibly violates the rights of third parties (for example, brand names). Each Domain Name can consist of letters, numbers, and hyphens, but it is not case – sensitive. If you are looking for $1 Web Hosting service, domain with AU, UK, and CA extension, you better plan to visit-

Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting: The Two Hosting Models Comparison

Launching a web application involves numerous challenges. It is away from the substantive and technical planning and design of the project, the selection of a suitable Hosting environment plays a crucial role, because without the right Hardware, you can limit the chances of success and opportunities for growth of your web project unnecessarily. From the beginning, you should consider exactly what capacity you need, both in the short and in the long term and what financial resources you may have available and also schedule.

$1 Hosting, 1 Dollar Hosting, Cheap Hosting
$1 Hosting, 1 Dollar Hosting, Cheap Hosting

If you do not run your own server, but want to rent the resources from a Provider, you will most likely encounter the terms “Shared Hosting” and “Dedicated Hosting” in your search. These two Hosting models, both of which are older than the now ubiquitous Cloud Hosting, characterized by a different approach in the management and allocation of Hardware resources on dealer sites. In this article you will find out what this means and how Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting differ in terms of costs, performance or security as well as one can compare $1 Hosting service as well, if your budget is low.

Dedicated Server

Hardware meets Cloud: Dedicated Server with Cloud Integration and minute billing, including personal advisor!

  • 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • SSL certificate

Dedicated Hosting vs. Shared Hosting: what is behind the two terms?

Anyone who makes use of the services of a web hosting provider generally rents the space on the basis of which a web project can be operated. The Provider provides ready-to-use servers that provide the appropriate computing power in the form of CPU and memory as well as the necessary hard disk space to run the operating system, web server, databases etc.

Choose dedicated Cheap Hosting UK (dedicated to someone), the Provider assigns you one or more specific servers whose resources are available only to you. The starting point for Shared Hosting (shared, shared): in this model, the provider usually assigns you to one or more specific Server from his quota – you share the resources with other customers. Simplified only their own projects, while on a Shared Server Australia, not only your, but also the applications of other users running to run say on a Dedicated Server.

Overview of the differences between Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

At first glance, it does not seem to make a big difference for customers, whether a Dedicated Hosting or a Shared Hosting package or 1 Dollar Hosting Canada is selected: in both cases, the rented resources are controlled remotely, so in principle it is impossible to understand whether the data of other customers is stored on the target server or not. However, if you look at factors such as costs, security or utilization, it quickly becomes clear that the two Hosting models differ significantly in practice. To make it easier for you to choose the right package for your web project, we have summarized the most important differences in the “Shared Hosting vs. Dedicated Hosting” comparison for you. As already mentioned, the main difference between Dedicated Hosting and Shared Hosting is the fact that the latter not only hosts their own projects on the Server, but also the Websites of other customers. They have neither decision-making power about how many users you are sharing the Hosting resources, nor the knowledge about what kind of projects are the sites of “Server neighbors.” With dedicated Hosting, however, you can always be sure which data is stored on the rented server, since you are the only customer with access. For more details and to buy the best hosting plan, must visit-

Managed Cloud Hosting: Flexible And Affordable Server

Planning resources is one of the main tasks of each company. It does not matter whether it is capital, work equipment or personnel: those who do not calculate in advance and regularly update the mapping of business processes must expect long-term material and personnel shortages or financial losses. What is quickly forgotten when planning is the Hosting. The internal IT-infrastructure, business and customer data, or specific web projects require the corresponding server structures, which, in turn, depending on the size and growth of the company very different conditions to the required Hardware and the resulting work effort.

$1 Hosting, $1 Web Hosting, $1 Unlimited Hosting
$1 Hosting, $1 Web Hosting, $1 Unlimited Hosting

Finding the right Hosting provider for $1 Hosting or other sorts of hosting plan UK and renting the right server resources is often a difficult task. If the capacity is sufficient, it has to be retrofitted quickly, if the resources are too abundant, a large part is usually not used at all and money is thrown out unnecessarily to the window. A solution to this problem, which is becoming more and more popular, is Managed Cloud Hosting. It is characterized by simple and completely flexible scalability, which means that only the required resources can be requested at any time and its benefits are-

Maximum protection of your Data

Easy backups for Cloud infrastructure, PCs and Smartphones, including personal advisor!

Comprehensive Protection

Easy Recovery

Fast Data Storage

Managed Cloud Hosting: Definition

Managed Cloud Hosting is a modern solution for renting server resources. The term itself consists of two components: the first part (“Managed”) is detached from the selected server variant (there is also Managed Dedicated Hosting, for example) and merely states that the setup, configuration and maintenance of Hardware as well as System and application software such as the operating system, the CMS or the analysis tool are taken over by the Hoster. The lessee usually has an administrator access or Root access, but mostly interacts with the rented Server via a Web Interface.

The second part of the term reveals how the rented server resources. Cloud Hosting does not rely on dedicated, i.e. always the same Hardware, but on the structures of quite different servers, which are interconnected and thus in a common Cloud. Providers talk about Cloud Hosting-both when these resources are distributed to different servers on the Internet and when they are virtualized resources on their own servers in the data center. For this reason, before using a Managed Cloud Hosting service, you should always find out which of the two forms it is or which server locations are involved. This is the only way to be sure where your data will be stored, which can be of great relevance in terms of both data protection and performance. As well as one can focus on $1 Web Hosting Canada, if have low budget and small website.

Managed Cloud Server-the benefits of modern resource solution

Managed Cloud Hosting combines the benefits of professional server management and Cloud Computing-a term that represents the point of resources provided. In fact, the following three elements of Cloud computing come into play in this Hosting solution. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS): whether the virtualized server resources are distributed over the Internet or come from our own data centers, Cloud Hosting Services provide you with the Hardware infrastructure for a variety of projects. Also, if looking for $1 Unlimited Hosting services, must connect with the suggested source.

Platform as a Service (PaaS): the system platform builds on the Cloud infrastructure. These are all system-related software elements on the basis of which applications such as a web server or web development Tools can be executed.

Software as a service (SaaS): With Managed Cloud Hosting, you don’t need to worry about setting up and updating your application software. Typically, you can easily select common applications such as Content Management systems or online store Software in the dashboard and install them with just one click on your rented Cloud Server. For more details, do visit-

What is a Linux Server And How It Is Important?

Linux Server is a server-based on the Open Source operating system Linux. It provides organizations with a cost-effective Option for delivering content, applications, and services to their customers. Since Linux is an Open Source operating system, users benefit from many resources.

1 Dollar hosting, $1 Hosting, $1 Unlimited Hosting
1 Dollar hosting, $1 Hosting, $1 Unlimited Hosting

The different types of Linux servers are designed for different use cases:

  • If you run a web server, it may run on CentOS
  • If your application has thousands of users – or even more –, you need a solution that is able, with such a volume deal, for example, Red hat Enterprise, or Ubuntu Server
  • If this seems too much for your company’s needs, a single-Purpose, Linux-based, ready-to-use Server could be enough.

According to research, many companies reduce the number of their servers by consolidating data centers and possibly switching to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). This means that tasks that were previously in-house servers are handed over to Cloud service providers as well as one should try 1 Dollar hosting to save money and efforts to launch the website.

With cloud hosting, you only pay for the server infrastructure that you really need. The flexible modules form the basis: this allows you to choose the hardware resources that meet your needs. Forget about costly server investments, if you are going with the same.

You will enjoy benefits such as automation possibilities, saving on infrastructure costs in your operation and our guaranteed availability of 99.9%. And if you need support in the outsourcing of applications and services to the Cloud, Hosters will be happy to support you-also project-based and on-site with you!

If you are Hosting or management to a service provider, such as MTH, it can create through the combination of Server, storage and network services, an integrated solution that precisely meets your requirements. This allows you to focus on the growth of your business with $1 Hosting rather than trying to become a Linux expert.

What speaks for Linux Server?


Linux servers offer you the performance you need from your infrastructure.


Linux servers provide enhanced access rights that can be optimized for security.


Linux Server-based on Open-Source technology that supports Snapshot capabilities.


Linux gives you the opportunity to scale your business more easily with Cloud technologies.

How can MTH help?

Consider it as an extension of your IT department with the necessary expertise to configure, secure and manage the best solution for your requirements, including- $1 Unlimited Hosting. This allows your team to devote themselves to more important tasks in order to advance the growth of your business. It will help you to clarify the following questions: which Server – Linux or Windows – suits your application. Don’t, know how do you start with a tailor-made Server in your implementation? Does the Cloud fit your plans? Can it support your business with growth and change? Whatever your business requirements, it has the right solution for you.

Get dedicated servers are a Single-Tenant infrastructure that meets high requirements for control and security and thus supports you in your various security and compliance requirements. Managed servers provide Managed Operations, if you are looking for active support in the Installation, Monitoring, and Patching of Linux on Cloud servers to ensure optimum performance. So, try the best hosting services by connecting-

Technical Details Of Webhosting Threat- You Better Know

For many companies, organizations, and individual entrepreneurs, the personal internet presence through their own website has become indispensable nowadays to make certain information. However, more and more private individuals use the internet to present individually selected content to a wider audience through their own website. However, in addition to the technical know-how and the self-created content, sufficient storage space is necessary to allow such large amounts of data to be placed around the clock on the worldwide network.

$1 Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cheap Hosting

Therefore, if you plan to launch your own website to the worldwide Web, you will need sufficient space on a dedicated server that is connected to the internet 24 hours a day. This storage space is also called Webspace in the technical language. One can try $1 Web Hosting, which is very effective and cheap, can help people in meeting their requirements. No matter where you would like to host your website, in Canada, Australia, USA, UK or anywhere else, you better look for the best web host for great support. Since the use of a separate server for such purposes is very expensive and associated with enormous costs, a variety of private individuals and smaller companies take advantage of the benefits that Web Hosting offers. Web Hosting is a service where you can rent space for websites on external servers.

In the meantime, a large number of companies can be found on the internet, which offers the WordPress Hosting of Webspace for a fee. The companies that enable web hosting are also referred to as providers, hosters or web hosts. The main services of the providers include the rental of Webspace as well as the provision of a server and the necessary network connections. Due to a large number of providers, there is now a very wide range of services. In addition to web hosting, the comprehensive package of web hosting providers often also includes additional services. For example, in addition to hosting, your own domain name can be secured in advance. At MTH, one will receive personal support, directly from our administrators. Technical Support and answering questions are paramount at MTH. The company is there for you, without keeping you on hold.

You can test MTH free of charge and without obligation or get Cheap Hosting to host any kind of website easily. If you are interested, it will provide you with the rate of your choice for up to 30 days. Cancellation is not required, because the tariff automatically deactivates itself after the 30 days. Of course, your website remains accessible even if you have used up the contractually agreed storage space. To ensure this, we enable you to exceed the agreed Webspace. In this case, you will receive a daily notification of your current overrun and the current excess will be charged monthly 7 working days before the end of the month. Here, too, full transparency and cost control so. The servers are monitored 24 hours a day. Availability, as well as performance,  is checked with various Monitoring solutions. In case of an emergency outside of our regular support hours, the Support is available to you.

On request it will install the Software of your choice, such as WordPress, Joomla or Prestashop, as well as you can install it via auto-installer in the Cpanel. For more details, must connect with-

Secure Linux Server – How Can A Web Server Be Secured Against Hacker Attacks?

$1 Web Hosting, $1 Hosting, $1 Unlimited Hosting

Securing Linux webserver is important and due to numerous providers on the Hosting market, offering Linux servers are cheaper than ever before. The idea of purchasing your own Server is tempting, but be careful, because as the owner of a server you are responsible for this in full and liable for actions that emanate from the Server. Hackers target poorly secured servers; these computers are infiltrated and misused for their own purposes.

$1 Web Hosting, $1 Hosting, $1 Unlimited Hosting
$1 Web Hosting, $1 Hosting, $1 Unlimited Hosting

Often the computers are then used to send spam emails or to execute DDoS attacks. Serious problems arise especially when illegal material is distributed over the Server. Here, the owner has to calculate with sensitive legal consequences. In order to counter this, certain basic rules should be observed during the server configuration, which makes it difficult for the attackers to penetrate the Server. Also, try $1 Web Hosting and get secured services will host your website as well as do check some of these rules:

The System should keep up to date

The operating system as well as the software and services used (web server, mail server, etc.) must always be kept up to date. Updates must be done regularly, preferably by Cronjob every day automatically. Especially after the reinstallation of the system, Updates must be executed, because of the software provided by the company is not always up-to-date.

2. SSH settings

Most attackers try to hack Root access to the Server. Create a new user with its own name for the SSH access and disable the Root access completely in the SSH Configuration. Also, check the $1 Unlimited Hosting with a detailed plan.

Further options to provide even more security:

  •  Manually change the default SSH Port to another one
  • Disable SSH Log-ins via password entry and only allow Log-ins with a valid key file
  • Use of additional applications such as fail2ban or denyhosts. These programs automatically block the IP addresses of attackers.

In this context, it should be noted that it is extremely important to always use secure passwords, which are composed of letters, numbers and special characters.

3. Ports secure configure / Firewall

The system’s firewall should be configured to block ports that are not needed. The common Ports used are for example SSH, FTP, HTTP, and HTTPS. To configure the Firewall, use the native software or make the settings directly via iptables. Netstat helps you to see which Ports are open and being used. Make sure that you do not lock yourself out while configuring the Firewall.

4. Security software

There are also different types of security software for servers such as virus scanners, Anti-Rootkits, and malware scanners. Must know about frequently used software is ClamAV, chkrootkit, rkhunter, and tripwire. Keep these programs up to date and scan your system regularly.

5. Settings of individual server services

All server services must also be kept up-to-date, and the default settings should be optimized. The settings depend on the usage check and the type of services used. Here are a few examples:


  •    Check security settings and, for example, don’t allow anonymous users to Log in.
  •   Block Port if the service is not in use.


  • Limit read and write access from PHP to explicitly allowed directories.
  • Turn off public error messages because they disclose system information unnecessarily.

Please note that this guide only serves as a basis and does not claim to be complete. As the owner of a server, you are solely responsible for its security and should ideally deal with the matter continuously and intensively. So, always consider the best hosting provider, and can try $1 Hostingmoving up with the-

Linux or Windows Web Hosting – What To Opt And Why?

Linux or Windows Hosting very popular hosting services and called as two operating systems have established themselves on the market. Web hosting providers use either the Open Source system Linux or the proprietary Windows Server operating system from Microsoft to operate their servers. Thus, the first decision that a customer has to make when ordering a Webspace package is the choice between a Linux or Windows web hosting.

Even, in the Computer, you can choose between various operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Linux, or Unix, are different operating systems. There, two systems, in particular, have established themselves on the market, which is used by Hosting providers. On the one hand, the Open Source system Linux, which is available as in numerous distributions such as Debian, CentOS or Ubuntu and on the other hand the Microsoft Windows Server operating system, which is, however, bound to a paid license. Also, one can simply plan to $1 Hosting, if want to host small blog to the websites, without must involvement and having any technical knowledge. While some providers have specialized in a particular type of hosting, other Web hosters also offer their customers both variants.

This means that customers looking for the right web hosting package are often unsettled and do not know which of the two operating system versions is the right one. It is not important, with which System one gets better by itself, because of the administration. anyway is taken over by the hosting provider itself and you as a customer has no influence on the operating system level. The decision does not matter to the majority of users who want to create a simple webspace package for their own online presence. All the basic functions required for operating and managing a web page offers both a Windows web hosting and a Linux web hosting or one can go with any Cheap Hosting services.

Advantages and features of a Linux web hosting

The Linux operating system was developed by the programmer Linus Torvalds and has been available under the GNU General Public License since 1992 as free software with open source code. Due to the modular structure of the system, Linux can be extended individually and adapted exactly to your own needs. Especially due to the reliability, stability and performance, the operating system is preferably used in the server area. Even, don’t forget to know more about $1 Unlimited Hosting services for saving a lot.

Linux is ideally suited as a web server environment, mainly the Apache or Nginx Software is used. Due to the perfect support of scripting languages such as PHP, Python, Perl, or CGI, as well as the use of database systems such as MySQL or PostgreSQL, all Online Linux projects from a small private website, professional Online Shop systems to implement. For use on a Linux web hosting, numerous Open Source applications are available, including Content Management systems, forum software or e-Commerce solutions. The configuration of the Webspace can be done by the customer in a Linux Webhosting via integrated management software such as cPanel or Confixx itself. There are no license fees, Linux web hosting packages are usually offered at lower prices. For more details on hosting and for quick help, must visit-

How To Choose Hosting For Your WordPress Site?

WordPress is the most used software for creating websites. If you choose WordPress to edit your site, you will need to start by finding a suitable hosting. This is a first essential step and once you have found a web host that you can install WordPress, adjust the settings and edit the content of your website.

How to choose your hosting? There are a large number of solutions and Hosting offers for WordPress sites (shared server, dedicated, VPS, WordPress specific hosting.). It’s easy to get lost when you’re not an expert on the subject. To get a clearer picture, let’s start by presenting 5 possible host families. We will see that the choice of the hosting solution of your real needs in terms of performance (number of visits per month in particular), but also the mode of maintenance. We will end with a focus on the main solutions currently available on the market in WordPress dedicated hosting or shared hosting or they can go with the 1 Dollar hosting. This article is intended primarily for project developers wishing to create a WordPress site themselves or at least have control over the hosting, without having any technical skills. The objective of this article is to demonstrate that it is now quite possible to create its website in WordPress without being a pro computer.

There are 5 possible solutions to host a WordPress site, including- the shared server ($1 Web Hosting), the dedicated server, the VPS, the cloud and finally the hosting offers dedicated to Wordpress. But before we begin, let’s quickly check what a web host or a web host is for. The web host is a company that offers to host your website on its servers and it is mandatory for the website to be hosted on the servers in order to be accessible to internet users. The server acts as an interface between the content of the website present in the database and the internet user who wishes to access content from any web browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and more).

Without hosting (on a server), your site cannot be accessible to internet users. In these circumstances, we understand the decisive importance of finding not only hosting but also great hosting services.

Here are the possible hosting solutions for a site using WordPress

Shared server: An inexpensive but limited solution

Shared WordPress Hosting is cheapest, will help your WordPress site to be stored in the compartment of a server. This will save you a lot and ideal for small to medium-sized websites and blogs. The performance of a shared server hosting is average, but enough to help anybody to host a website and make website visible 24/7. By opting for a shared server, you will be able to launch your business very well, hence it may be relevant at the beginning of the site launch and if you are planning a slow build-up. So, if you are looking for the best website hosting company, better go with –  

What Is Website Hosting? Explanation for Beginners

Website hosting is an online service that allows user to access website or web application worldwide via Internet. When you subscribe to a hosting service, they usually rent space on a server where you can store all the files and data necessary for the proper functioning of your site.


A server is a physical computer that runs without interruption so that your site is available all the time for those who want to visit it. Your hosting is responsible for maintaining the server, protecting it from malicious attacks and transferring your content (text, images, and files) from the server to the browsers of your visitors.


How does website hosting work?


When you decide to launch a new site, you will need to find a 1 dollar hosting company that will provide you with resources on the server. After that you can easily store your website files and database in your hosting account separately. Whenever someone enters your domain name into the address bar of their browser, your host sends all the files needed to service the request.


All you need to choose the website hosting plan that best suits your needs and purchase it. In fact, web hosting works similarly to renting a home, you need to pay rent regularly to keep your site up and running.


To reduce the risks, mytruehost is providing 30-days money back guarantee so you can try and decide if our service is really right for you. In addition, you can start with our most cheap reseller hosting plan designed specifically for small projects. When your site starts to grow and you need more resources on the server, you can move on to one of our advanced plans without delay.


In fact, you don’t even need to be a tech savvy as well no need to have proficient programming knowledge to perform regular site management tasks. Hosting accounts have a graphical user interface where you can manage all the settings of your website.


Although the cPanel hosting platform used by most hosting providers is a powerful tool, it can be intimidating for non-tech-oriented users who just want to quickly create and run a website. Therefore, our team decided to create its own control panel for our users. We are proud to say that the mytruehost control panel has a beautiful and intuitive interface, you can immediately understand it, even if you are working with hosting for the first time. Our customers have already loved it, as a convenient panel helps them confidently and easily manage your account.


In addition to providing server space for your site, we are also offering other services related to site management, such as:

  • SSL certificates (https Protocol is used for site security ://)
  • Email hosting
  • Page designers
  • Developer tool
  • Customer support services (usually with online chat and phone support)
  • Automated creation of backups (data backups)
  • The installers of the programs in 1-click mouse (for example, WordPress, joomla Drupal etc.)

How much hosting bandwidth do I need for my site?

When researching and choosing the web hosting to host your domain, one factor to evaluate and compare is the cost of the required amount of bandwidth. Yes, many providers offer “Unlimited” tariff plans, but on closer inspection, you’ll find that unlimited isn’t really unlimited – there are always penalties if you use too much, as based on “normal” usage, whatever that means. However, knowing how much bandwidth you need for your website, maybe something like art.


Web hosting bandwidth and data transfer

In essence, bandwidth is a term for calculating the speed of traffic and data that can be transferred between users and your site over the Internet. The term “bandwidth” is often used incorrectly to describe “data transfer,” but these are actually two different things.

What is data transfer?

Data transfer is the total amount of data to be transferred at a given time, usually measured in a month.

What is the bandwidth of the site?

Bandwidth is a measure of the maximum data that can be transmitted at a given time, typically measured in seconds.

The number in “data transfer” shows how much data you can transfer per month. The number in the “bandwidth” indicates how fast data can be transferred.

Think of throughput as the width of a water pipe, where data transfer is the amount of water flowing out of the pipe. As far as the width of the pipe (bandwidth) determines how quickly water may flow (data). In fact, data transmission is bandwidth consumption.

For site owners looking for web hosting, the amount of bandwidth a 1 dollar hosting company’s site offers can usually serve as a good indicator of that host’s capabilities – the higher the bandwidth, the higher the speed; network; connectivity; and systems.

So what about unlimited bandwidth/data transfer?

As mentioned above, many hosting organizations offer cheap hosting plans that include “unlimited bandwidth”. For the buyer, this means they can run as much data and as much traffic to their site as they need without ceilings. For a hosting provider, this means a way to give a flat price to a buyer that would normally work.


As always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Simply put, it is simply impossible for hosting companies to offer unlimited bandwidth – it is too expensive to provide unlimited access to each client. However, most companies fall into the “normal” bandwidth usage range by default, and this is the range of hosting providers use when creating their “unlimited” packages. “Unlimited reseller hosting providers can serve most of their client base, but there is absolutely a limit to the bandwidth included in the price of this package; the trick is to know what it is.

By comparing the actual bandwidth requirement of your site to the bandwidth offered in this “unlimited” look, you can better determine what level of hosting you really need, and whether or not this provider will really meet your needs.