Learn how to start your own website

Nowadays, almost everyone has their own website and there is no reason why you don’t already have yours! It’s easy and cheap to implement and it can really change your life. Many people have already made a fortune on the internet to the point that they have left their daily work to devote themselves solely to their site. Of course, sites are not just about making money, they can have a thousand and one other functions. To help you get started, we offer lots of useful tips and tricks!

$1 web hosting, cheap reseller hosting

$1 web hosting, cheap reseller hosting

Start your own website

If you want to start your own website, the first thing to understand is that a website is always built on a mix of programming and script languages. The most common and most basic is HTML, which is very easy to learn and allows you to create simple web pages. This language is the basis of other languages such as PHP and ASP which, if properly mastered, can be used alone to create completely dynamic websites. Dreamweaver is the common site design software where you can create and Mount HTML pages displaying both a program overview and layout. So start learning HTML now!

Find a web host

And don’t delay in finding a $1 web hosting. It can help you significantly in starting up and designing your site. It will not only ensure your online presence by offering you space on its server to store your web files, domain name, and appropriate bandwidth. But also, it will make available to you services and software that will help in the design of the site and take care of it, for you! Don’t forget to buy cheap reseller hosting service.

Software such as SiteBuildIt and cPanel and pre-set scripted templates like WordPress, Joomla and Mambo are available for free and allow you to create a website, install a blog, a CMS (Content Management System) within minutes!


It is possible that these services initially put you out of control of your site. But once you have learned and understood how to build sites, they will no longer bother you in adding or changing functions or features of your site. Trade scripts and plug-in scripts from free sites are offered by many web hosting providers. So, sign up for a web host without delay and benefit from a dynamic and active website set up 24 hours a day! In case you need any help, feel free to contact us 24/7.

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