How To Install And Edit WordPress Using Easy Steps?

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$1 Hosting, Cheap Reseller Hosting, 1 Dollar Hosting

In order to install WordPress on your hosting account, you will need to follow few or more steps. Here is the step by step procedure to install WordPress on your hosting account as follows-

STEP 1 Log on to your Account

STEP 2 Click Web Hosting section

STEP 3 Click Manage button and get options and settings tab

STEP 4 Under options and settings in the popular apps section, click WORDPRESS

STEP 5 And at last, shoot install button and you are done

One can expect to get few on-screen fields, including-

Domain- Where you will need to select the domain on your account which you would like to use

Directory- You will need to enter the directory, which will be the place where you want to install the WordPress. If you want domain name to use WordPress, you better leave the field blank.

At last, you will need to enter Admin Name, Password, email address and the blog title. Once it is done, your WordPress will be installed with all the options you select within 24 hours and you’ll get a confirmation email.

Kindly Note– Above instructions may differ for some hosting companies and if you have bought $1 Hosting from MyTrueHost, it will offer you full support.

How to proceed with designing using WordPress?

Before you start using WordPress, you better know the prime aim of WordPress CMS is to allow you to focus on design and function only. In order to attain WordPress, you will find- drag and drop, and generated options. Here are the step by step details on how to create a professional website on WordPress

When you proceed with your, you’ll find free WordPress software that you need to download and install on your own web server.

Create Site

Now, it is time to create your website and you have to give answers for the following questions, including:

-Name of the site


-Set primary goal of your website (offer education, sell products, showcase your portfolio, promote a business or anything else)

Get a theme for your website

There are thousands of free themes available on WordPress directory and you can easily pick, download and use the best theme that suits your needs. However, most of those themes have generic designs and are used by thousands of other websites over the web, so you better alter everything to give a new look to the site. More importantly, you should have the best and Cheap Reseller Hosting plan, which is enough to load your site fast and work 24/7.

Edit your website

In the template, you will get everything already, the images, logo, header, footer and other various things, which will be required to be changed with your content. You just need to have your content ready and learn few or more techniques in regards to change everything as per your requirements. For instance, in order to edit the logo, you’ll need to perform the following things-

-You will need to login to your Wordpress site, customizer and click on the site identity section.

-Once the section opens, you will need to click – ADD LOGO button in order to open media manager.

-You can add a logo on the media manager by uploading the image from your computer’s media library.

-Click to set the image as a logo, and make sure to see your logo appear in the preview window.

-Next, you will need to save and publish the logo and you are done. Refresh and you can see changes in your site.

Get Best Plugins (Free version)

When developing a website on WordPress, you don’t forget using the best Plugins (Free version), which will help in creating an amazing website without worrying about coding. The plugins can easily be installed and offer limitless design possibilities. Actually, they are the best to speed up your workflow, and allow you to get more conversions and sales. They can help you with drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress as well as enough to help you with hover effects, the look and feel of the website and offer a handy user interface to build up eye-popping pages in the shortest possible of time.

Customize your template

It’s a high time to arrange all the contents you want to post in the theme you have selected. You should focus on high-quality website content- the photographs, written web contents, videos (if any). For posting the content, you simply position the elements of the page where you want them and style as you see fit. If not liking anything, you can still customize the results and add or remove elements to give the best look to your site. For more information and to buy best 1 Dollar Hosting plans, must check out-

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