Why Hosting at Mytruehost?

Mytruehost has been offering Domain and Hosting services for over 20 years. Know-How, we are always trying to offer you the highest performance and best Service. A brief summary of your benefits:

  • No hidden costs like setup fees
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • always up-to-date brand Hardware
  • a separate internet infrastructure at the most important internet hub the USA
  • daily Backups & malware scans
  • a custom Control Panel
  • TOP Support from our IT professionals


1 dollar hosting USA

High-Speed SSD Web space for your Homepage in the USA

We do not operate our customer websites with cheap components and not as a Reseller of another provider, but are independent Web Hoster and accredited Domain Registrar, RIPE member and thus independent through our own high-speed web hosting Cluster at the most important internet hub of USA.

Our servers are located in one of the most modern data centers in the USA, directly connected to the international fiber-optic networks.

  • 100% Hosting Availability
  • 100% Hosting availability-perfect redundancy

Independent testing of various Web Hosting quality testers proves our high availability.

  • Redundant Hardware: fail-safe SSDs in a RAID-5 array, and dual CPUs
  • Redundant servers: all Hosting servers are mirrored – if one server fails, the other is immediately online
  • Network: Our own independent Internet infrastructure(AS25575) with redundant routers and Switches
  • Redundant connections to the high-quality fiber optic networks
  • Redundant power supply From diesel generator to the main power supply

All these measures guarantee the high availability of your Website, E-Mail addresses, and databases.

AMD Epyc & NVMe SSDs

Top Hardware – highest performance through AMD Epyc + NVME SSDs

Our top current Hardware leaves nothing to be desired. The EPYC series from AMD, specifically the Top model AMD Epyc 7601, ensures orderly processing power. According to various external and own Tests, this CPU achieves up to 2.5 times more power than comparable Sever Chips from other manufacturers. Together with NVM express SSDs, which are even faster due to the new interface technology, you get unique Performance.

Mytruehost Hosting Control Panel

Own Hosting Control Panel

Our in-house developed Mytruehost Hosting control Panel offers a high added value for every company and Website operator. Intuitive operation and many useful modules save you time, money and resources when implementing your projects.

Since the Mytruehost Hosting Control Panel is an in-house development, we are completely independent of third-party manufacturers and can thus offer you constantly new functions and improvements.

  • Hosting Software
  • Free Software included

Depending on the Hosting package you choose, you can use many well-known and useful software packages for easy Installation.

The ready-made software packages such as CMS systems, Blog Software, Onlineshop Software, Forum Software, Cloud Software, and many other useful applications can be installed in the latest version with the help of the software module of the Mytruehost cheap reseller hosting control panel with a few clicks.

  • Domain and Hosting Support
  • Free Professional Support

Telephone support: Our telephone support is available for you during office hours within the USA. No long waiting times and no call center, with us you speak with qualified skilled workers from the field!

24×7 E-Mail Support: fast response times guaranteed! 95% of all inquiries will be answered within less than 15 minutes. Our Trusted Shops reviews speak for themselves.

Comprehensive online manual: detailed and easy-to-understand instructions on a wide range of topics. Questions and answers to the most important questions about your Hosting, Domain and E-Mail addresses.

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