Web Hosting And Its Types Must Know And Jot Down

In recent times, internet marketing has gained large popularity. Today nearly 40% of the world’s population use internet. Internet has become the main source of network for marketing and this technology is easily accessible by all the ages.  Companies have started to make their own websites, make it online on the World Wide Web for easy communication with customers and give the details regarding their company and products provided by them.

To upload the information or data on the internet every company needs a website; space for that website on the server and also a valid domain name for the website. This space and domain name is provided by Web hosting service providers. There are several web host providers in the market differentiating in their services. Thus web hosts provide data space and connectivity to the internet. Hence web hosting services play a vital role and consist array of services to benefit you in your business as per your requirement.

Free Web Hosting

There are some internet service providers which offer free web hosting. It is best suited to start a business for small sites having low traffic. It can be used for commercial and personal sites. But this type of service is often limited; having less technical options or no software options, thus not recommended for real business with high traffic.

In this type of service you cannot use your own domain name, that is, the domain name is provided by the host which is tough to type and remember and is not professional. This service is also limits in security options and lacks database support.

Shared Hosting (Virtual Hosting)

In this type of hosting we can get our own domain name for the website. Shared hosting is cost operative and hosted on a dynamic server along with other web sites. Technical support is better than that of free hosting with multiple software options like database, e-mail and editing options. But due to multiple sites on one server the security is reduced, hence there is restriction on traffic. On the other side, it is good for average traffic and small business.

Unlimited Reseller Hosting

It lets the customers to become web hosts themselves via reseller account. It provides technical support and due server based on virtual and collocated server the account size may vary.

 Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated hosting, the website is hosted on a dedicated server. Though it is expensive, but it is the best option for large websites having high traffic. It provides unlimited software options with multiple domains and is more secure & powerful. This service provides full control over the web server, hence maintenance could be done.

Paid Hosting

Beside above hosting services there are also some Cheap Hosting services which are more reliable than free web hosting. It can handle more traffic and more files can be uploaded. It provides features like additional storage space, data transfer, more accounts and more. There are many affordable hosting services charging a low price to customers. $1 Hosting is one of the examples of cheap Paid hosting. For more details do visit now at- http://www.mytruehost.com/

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