How to update/install latest RoundCube on cPanel

First you will have to uninstall/remove exiting RoundCube files/folder/database on your server,

Uninstall/remove exiting RoundCube

cd /usr/local/cpanel/base
rm -rf roundcube*
mysql -e ‘drop database roundcube’;

Now follow the following steps to update/install latest roundcube version ,we need to get Roundcube before we can use it. The easiest way to get it is to visit and click on “Downloads” or just go to Wait for it to download and then unzip (using WinZip or ZipGenius or tar -xzf roundcubemail-0.1.tar.gz) in the current directory.

update/install latest roundcube

cd /usr/local/cpanel/base
wget -O roundcube.tar.gz
rm -rf roundcube.tar.gz
mv -f roundcubemail-0.2.1/ roundcube
cd roundcube
chmod -R 777 temp

chmod -R 777 logs

Database Configuration

Create the database, database user and install the intial sql file. The following commands will do this for you.

mysql -e “CREATE DATABASE roundcube;”
mysql -e “GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON roundcube.* TO roundcube@localhost IDENTIFIED BY
mysql -e “use roundcube; source SQL/mysql.initial.sql;”

You will have to replace the roundcube password with ‘DATABASEPASSWORD’ field.

Configuring RoundCube

cd config

then open database configruation file in your favroite editor like vi or pico or nano vi and Find following line

$rcmail_config[‘db_dsnw’] = ‘mysql://roundcube:pass@localhost/roundcubemail’;

Replace it with

$rcmail_config[‘db_dsnw’] = ‘mysql://roundcube:DATABASEPASSWORD@localhost/roundcube’;

Now Open



$rcmail_config[‘default_host’] = ”;

Replace with

$rcmail_config[‘default_host’] = ‘localhost’;

Last steps , restart the mysql, cpanel services on your server. That’s it ,Have fun with your new Roundcube installation!!

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