Outlook Express Setup

This article is based on Outlook Expres,s but the procedure is very similar on all email clients.

1. Start your email client applications
2. Go to Tools > Accounts
3. Click on Add > Mail
4. Type in your name (this will be the name that appears as the sender of emails) and click Next.
5. Type in your email address (this will be the address that appears as the sender of emails) and click Next.
6. Choose IMAP as your email protocol (POP is supported too)
7. Type in the server addresses for your mail server.
* IMAP server for receiving emails (POP is supported too): incoming.domain.net
* SMTP server for sending emails: smtp1.domain.net
8. Type in your email address as account name and the password. Click Next.
9. Click Finish. The account is now setup.

(update: SMTP server address changed to smtp1.domain.net)
Advanced Settings

“Domain” is using the standard ports for incoming and outgoing emails.

* POP3 port: 110
* IMAP port: 143
* SMTP port: 25
* SMTP (Alternate): 26 (in case your ISP is blocking the port 25 when the smtp server given is not the ISP’s)


You can use SSL for secure connections between your email client and the POP3/IMAP services.

* POP3-SSL port: 995
* IMAP-SSL port: 993

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