Mail Error message: Error 550 The recipient cannot be verified

On servers running cPanel, you may find that mail sent to valid user is bounced back will an error message which will be similar to the following:

PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 9): 550-”The recipient cannot be verified.
Please check all recipients of this550 message to verify they are valid.

If this is occurring, you will need to check your exim_mainlog file for entries
similar to the following.

<> rejected RCPT
<emailAccount@domainName>: No Such User Here

If you are sure that email account does indeed exist, you will need to run the
following commands to correct the issue.


Alternatively, you can also check the /etc/localdomains file and verify that the domain name is present. Also verify that the DNS line in your
/var/cpanel/user/username contains the domain name as well.



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