Install xen virtual server on linux platform

Install xen virtual server on linux platform

Before installing xen on the linux (centos or Redhat), please check the compatiblity. Then check whether the server has already installed xen. There packages should be checked. I checked using RPM.

.1 xenserver# rpm -qa |grep xen 
xenserver #rpm -qa |grep kernel-xen 
xenserver-dev #rpm –qa |fgrep virt-manager //for GUI 

Install :
xenserver# yum install xen 
xenserver # yum install kernel-xen 
xenserver # yum install virt-manager

2. Edit default=1 in /boot/grub/grub.conf and make sure xen kernel will load. 
3. Reboot system : [root@xenserver]# init 6
4. check kernel :
[root@xenserver]# uname -r 
To check if Xen is running use xm from command line: 
[root@xensever]# xm list
Now you can create Xen virtual machines using Xen command lines or xen GUI (virt-manager): 

[xenserver@ldev ~]# virt-manager

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