Inexpensive but reliable $1 web hosting with excellent customer support

There are many services with the possibility of free accommodation, but only a good paid hosting Company gives a guarantee that your resource will be online 24 hours a day. To do this, it is not necessary to rent an expensive dedicated server — virtual hosting will be the best and inexpensive choice not only for blogs, forums, and non-profit sites but also for online stores and popular portals.

Do you think that a Cheap Reseller Hosting is not reliable, fast and with a good support? Take our web hosting for testing and test your beliefs in practice.

 $ 1 web hosting, cheap reseller hosting

$ 1 web hosting, cheap reseller hosting

Why web hosting from Mytruehost?

The site on SSD-drives will be very fast

Most hosting companies host sites on the HDD-ROM as it is cheaper. On our hosting site will run on SSD-drives, and all processes will be performed 5 times faster than on HDD. If you were hosting a website from HDD and it took 5 seconds to load the page from “open page” to “all items on the page loaded”, then we will load the same page for 1 second.

Your website will load 2 times faster

Once Cloud Flare is installed, your site’s pages will be optimized so that visitors can instantly receive information from your site. Thanks, CDN from Cloud Flare increases the speed of download. Worldwide, Cloud Flare has 14 locations: no matter what country visitors come from, It will load very quickly, and server resources will be consumed by 65% less. In addition, Cloud Flare provides basic protection against attacks on the site.

190 ready-made templates for the site

SitePro website Builder will help you quickly create a modern and good website. Why SitePro? It is free and easy to use, contains no ads and has more than 190 templates for all areas of business and human life. In addition, you can immediately create a mobile version of the site too.

Any website in 5 minutes!

Thanks to the automatic installation of Softaculous, you can install Joomla, WordPress, phpBB, OpenCart and other scripts with just a few clicks, even if you are doing it for the first time.

Domain as a gift!

Every customer who bought HQ1, HQ2 or HQ3 packages for a year, we give a free domain (or even 2! in zones .com, .net,.org .biz,.info,.com etc While you are with us, we will continue and pay for it.

Fast and stable websites with Lite Speed web server

We use LiteSpeed web server instead of Apache. Sites with LiteSpeed load quickly — the web server consumes less memory and CPU power. Example: small static files open with LiteSpeed 5 times faster than Apache. And servers on LiteSpeed perfectly withstand small DoS-attacks thanks to the built-in protection.

Convenient web hosting control panel

You will work with $1 web hosting using cPanel panel. This is a panel with a clear interface, which is easy to understand for a beginner and full functionality to work on the site.

SitePro website Builder

To make a website in the designer, you do not need programming knowledge. You need to select one of 190 templates and edit it. The designer has all the necessary blocks and widgets for business card sites and small online stores.

CMS Softaculous installer

Softaculous is a script that with a few clicks to install any popular CMS (for example, WordPress, Joomla!, OpenCart). It will save you time for installation, even if you repeatedly put CMS on hosting.

Service to protect and increase the speed of the site

We use CDN Cloud Flare to make your site open and load equally quickly for users from any country in the world. In addition, Cloud Flare provides basic protection against threats and attacks on the site.

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