Frontpage problem

If anyone facing problems with the FrontPage installation then first uninstall the installed FrontPage from shell /home/user/public_html (Change the user to your user name)
Then run the following commands one by one.

rm -rf .htaccess.*
rm -rf _vti_pvt/
rm -rf _derived
rm -rf _private
rm -rf _vti_*

If server is SuExec enabled then first disable it from the WHM
And install FrontPage for the specific domain where you have seems the problem and then try to publish site by using Frontpage. If you are still facing the problem then

remove all the .htaccess.* from/home/user/public_html and remove all _* (private,vti,etc)one by one carefully.

Now try to install it and check for the permission and ownership of public_html folder

Permission and ownership need to be as follows

chown user:user public_html -R
chmod 755 public_html -R

if the problem still persists then check whether the permission of public_html/_vti_pvt/service.pwd is 600 or not?

(try even setting an attr and set the permission to 600)

chmod 600 service.pwd
chattr +i service.pwd
chattr -i service.pwd

It will sort out your problem enjoy


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