How to cluster the DNS.

How to cluster the DNS?

A DNS cluster is a number of nameservers that share records.

This allows you to physically separate your nameservers so that in the event of, for instance, a power outage, you still have DNS functionality. This way, visitors can reach websites on your server more quickly after the web server comes back online. The cPanel DNS cluster feature only provides redundancy for DNS. It does not place Apache or any other services in a cluster configuration.

To optimally configure your DNS cluster, you will need 2 spare servers, both preferably running cPanel DNS ONLY. You will also need at least 1 web server with cPanel/WHM installed.

1. Login to WHM
2. Go to Cluster/Remote Access >> Configure Cluster
3. Click Enable Dns Clustering.
4. Click Change
5. Click Return to check Cluster Status.

DNS clustering is now enabled. Next, you will need to specify which server(s) you wish to cluster, or share DNS information with
On your web server’s WHM interface, take the following steps:

On the Configure Cluster screen, under Servers in your DNS Cluster, locate the Add a new server to the cluster box.
Enter the nameserver’s IP address in the Server Ip Address box.
Click Configure.
On the Create Trust Relationship screen, enter the nameserver’s remote access key.
To retrieve the key from the nameserver, click the link at the bottom of the screen. You will need to enter the root password for the nameserver.
Once the key appears, cut and paste it into the Server Remote Access Key box.
Click Submit.
Repeat these steps, adding each additional nameserver to the cluster.


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