Basics Of cPanel : Access Information

cPanel is a control panel used in the server to handle different functionalities of a domain. This control panel is highly useful in web hosting industry. cPanel is used for server administration as well as domain administration.

The server wide control panel is named as WHM(WebHost Manager) and the domain wise control panel is cPanel

How to access cPanel/WHM


htttp://IP/whm OR
http://IP:2086/ OR
http://hostname/whm OR

WHM uses 2086 and 2087 ports
2086  -> For normal access
2087  -> For secured access

When the login prompt comes, we have to enter Username as root and Password as root password. If we want to access a reseller account, we have to enter Username as reseller name and Password as the password provided to the reseller.

http://IP/cpanel OR
http://IP:2082/ OR

cPanel uses 2082 and 2083 ports
2082  ->  For normal access
2083  ->  For secured access

When the login prompt appears, enter the username as domain user and password as the password set to that user.

How to access webmail

One can access mail by entering the URL
http://IP/webmail OR
http://IP:2095/ OR
http://domain_name/webmail OR
http://domain_name:2095/ OR

cPanel webmail ports are 2095 and 2096
2095 for normal access
2096 for secured access

Basically cpanel uses two types of webmail
a. Horde
b. Squirrelmail
c. Roundcube / NeoMail

How to access MySQL

phpMyAdmin tool is used in cPanel to manage mysql databases.

We can access phpMyAdmin in the following ways
1) http://domain_name:2082/3rdparty/phpMyAdmin/

While accessing, you will be prompted to enter the login credentials of the cpanel user.



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