$1 Hosting – Do Opt For Making A New Website For Doing Anything

mytruehost-logoWith the advent of twenty first century, there has been a drastic change in our surroundings. The world has come to a new standpoint of war; Syria and Middle East are the greatest examples of it. But one must have noticed that alongside these wars, there is one more war that is taking place, and that war is the war of information. Journalism and media have a great impact on the results of the war. A similar context can be found in every country, where media and enhance or destroy the common opinion of the public. Even during elections, whatever the media claims is believed to be true without even being dubious about it. Once being aired through television, media is now changing its tracks towards internet journalism. Electronic newspapers have come which can be read anywhere and journalists have started uploading their videos to the internet.

The importance of having a website for you is huge. Taking into consideration the platform for raising your voice, nothing can match the quality and quantity of spread that website gives you for your stuff. Gone are those days when people used to abstain themselves from making a new websites because the cost of making a new website was too much. But with changing times, the competition in website world also arose and rates nosedived. Today, with $1 Hosting you can make a new website for yourself for only one dollar. This means that you can upload all your stuff that you want to and just have to pay only a single dollar per month. People will start listening to your voice and your take on particular topics. There are many other bloggers and journalists who posted their thoughts regularly on the websites and achieved fame through online world only. All this happened because people liked their stuff on their websites and shared the same on social network sites. Yes, I believe that offline mode can also be successful, but it no ways matches with the popularity and spread of your stuff that websites provides.

There are many offline journalists too who post their stuff on daily newspapers. People read about their feelings and do applaud them. But there is one disadvantage of offline mode, and that that disadvantage is the lack of reference. One can only refer your article to handful of people. But with online mode, once you share any article of yours on social network, it will be shared to hundreds of thousands of people. This is the place where 1$ Hosting comes in handy for starters. Having a free domain of your choice and unlimited bandwidth will help you in making your website further strong and dynamic traffic wise.

If you are into the free world of knowledge and journalism, you just make a website for you with a suitable domain name. Making a nice and attractive website along with strong inside content of yours will definitely be an exploding combination. Contact a good $1 Web Hosting near your city to make a new website for you. For more details, do visit- https://www.mytruehost.com/


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