WordPress- Why To Opt For Online Business Success?

WordPress is a universal platform for creating any Internet projects, from personal blogs to small online stores. Due to its flexibility and simplicity, this CMS has won the recognition of many both beginners and experienced webmasters and site owners. WordPress is among the five most popular and in-demand CMS around the world, and according to world statistics, every 7th site is created on the basis of this system.

The uniqueness of this platform is that to create a website the user will need less than an hour of time and a minimum of technical skills. A variety of templates, themes, and plugins allow you to create a special and different from other web projects with its unique feature.

Unlimited Reseller Hosting, $1 Web Hosting

Unlimited Reseller Hosting, $1 Web Hosting

The Advantages of WordPress

WordPress is completely free. It can be freely downloaded from the official website of the developer and installed on the hosting. In the network, you can also find a huge number of free WordPress templates.

Friendly and intuitive interface. A beginner will need very little time to learn how to add articles, change the design and manage the settings of your site.

Cross-platform WordPress, which means-this CMS is installed on the server, and you can manage the site from any available device.

WordPress comes with built-in support for SEO optimization, which has a beneficial effect on the future promotion of the user project and high search results.

Hosting for WordPress

Any Internet project, whether it is a WordPress site, Joomla or Drupal, should start with finding a decent $1 Web Hosting solution. Speaking of hosting for WordPress is to clarify that for the correct operation of this CMS is not suitable for any hosting. WordPress system has certain technical requirements, compliance with which is very important for the owner of such a site.

The basic requirements for WordPress hosting are:

  • Sufficient disk space;
  • A sufficient amount of RAM;
  • PHP support (not less than 4.3);
  • MySQL database support (not lower than version 4).


Owners of WordPress sites very often do not even think about the fact that their hosting may not fit certain criteria to this CMS. In order to be 100% sure of WordPress compatibility with hosting, you should choose a hosting solution optimized for this CMS.

MyTrueHost optimized for WordPress

Unlimited Reseller Hosting from MyTrueHost is fully optimized for the needs of the WordPress site. In addition, on our hosting, you can install WordPress In just a couple of clicks. The CMS auto-installer allows you to install WordPress directly from your hosting control panel. This is the fastest and most reliable way to install CMS. Of course, if you want to install WordPress yourself, this option is also available.

Hosting for WordPress from MyTrueHost is a reliable, high-quality and affordable solution for website owners with this CMS. Our virtual unlimited hosting will provide your project with stable development, high uptime, and download speed. Our technical specialists are always ready to solve even the most difficult tasks in the shortest possible time.

We offer reliable protection of your website against viruses and DDOS attacks, as well as provide daily backup of your data. You can trust us with your web project and be sure of its safety and effective work! For more information kindly visit https://www.mytruehost.com

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