Why Choose MyTrueHost?

Fast and secure for the professional internet presence

With more than 5,000 servers and 50,000 Domains, MYTRUEHOST is one of the largest Hosting providers in the world. More than 1 Lakh customers in the USA trust us in the security and high availability of their Websites, online shops, enterprise applications, and database servers. Benefit from our Know-how! We have the right Hosting package for your web project.

  • Solutions for beginners and professionals
  • fast, secure, highly-available
  • unlimited data volume
  • cheap rates – flexible, changeable
  • High-performance data centers in the USA


What you can expect from a web hosting provider

Good Content needs a good web hosting strategy because a competent Hosting Provider minimizes load times and keeps your content available. Visitors to your Website benefit from this – and this, in turn, benefits the success and search engine placement of your website.

Professional web hosting must meet the following Standards:

  • Storage space, domain(s), E-Mail addresses and unlimited Traffic included in the monthly price.
  • Hosting is secure and your data is protected against computer viruses, malware, and unauthorized access – as well as your customers ‘ data.
  • A balanced price/performance ratio is important so that the Cheap Reseller Hosting costs do not burden your project.
  • Your Hosting Provider will accompany you with advice and help in creating and managing your internet presence.

Great performance for beginners and professionals

Whether private Homepage, a company page or Multimedia website: Our 1 Dollar Hosting packages are tailored to different requirements. Select the appropriate Tariff based on the desired duration, the Webspace size, and other metrics.

Additional Features included

With a large number of 1-Click installations for Content management systems (CMS), Blogs, Wikis and more, MYTRUEHOST’s Hosting packages contain everything you need to create a contemporary internet presence. You can also use programming Features, such as the PHP Module Library or Cronjobs.

Fair Prices

At MYTRUEHOST, you pay a fortune for performance, safety, and Service. We offer individual solutions with a balanced price-performance ratio. We do not shy away from a web hosting comparison and offer a professional solution even for small Budgets. With us, you always pay only for the performance you really need. If your project grows and you need more resources, you can change the tariff at any time.

The security of your data comes first

Our servers are located in high-performance data centers in the USA, are subject to strict USA data protection and are certified annually according to ISO 27001. Data is transmitted encrypted and a multi-level security concept also ensures the physical security of your data, which is always highly available. The same applies to the data of your customers.

Effective protection against malware

To prevent Malware such as viruses and Trojans from reaching your inbox, MYTRUEHOST uses ServerSide Antivirus in the mail server by default. Spam is also filtered out by ServerSide Antispam on the Server. The intelligent System learns to distinguish good and desired from bad and unwanted e-Mails.

Back-ups and hacker protection

Backup control creates daily automatic Back-ups of your data, which you can download at any time via FTP. If desired, you can use different storage times. MYTRUEHOST SiteLock, the cheap hacker protection for your internet presence, is also available as an option. SiteLock regularly checks your site for vulnerabilities and leaves no chance of malicious software. We recommend MYTRUEHOST SiteLock, especially for your Business Hosting.

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