Why choose Joomla to create an online store

Choosing the right platform to create an online store is one of the most important factors that will have a further impact on the performance and popularity of the commercial site. At the moment, there are five content management systems (Joomla, Magento, Presta shop, WordPress and Drupal) that have proven themselves to address the issues of doing business online, while the Joomla platform occupies a leading position due to advanced functionality and ease of use.

$1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

$1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

Why you should make a choice in favor of Joomla

The platform is considered to be the Golden mean between WordPress and Drupal. Drupal has too complex functionality, which is not always available for beginners, while Joomla is not so difficult, however, is ready to provide the user with a choice of many features, extensions, and opportunities to create a website and successfully manage a commercial project in the future.

There are Six simple reasons why you should give preference to this particular platform:

  1. Firstly Joomla runs very smoothly on Linux based hosting which is easily available at 1 dollar hosting or cheap reseller hosting which is must to have an online identity for your website on Joomla with awesome technical customer support anytime 24/7/365.
  2. Security system. Joomla protects projects at several stages, due to which your online store will be practically not vulnerable to various attacks. Another plus – the presence of additional extensions (distributed on a paid and free basis), which help to improve the overall security of the site. It is important that high security is also implemented at the level of confidential user data and during the conduct of monetary transactions directly on the site.
  3. Advanced functionality. The platform provides the user with a huge set of different functions that help to change the store to fit their needs. The site has access control, allowing different groups of users to provide certain permissions on the site. The website created on the platform is suitable for wholesale trade and for working with retail customers remotely.
  4. Given that online business is moving towards globalization and attracting customers from all over the world, the ability to create a multi-language store is critical. Joomla allows to significantly simplifying the process of creating a multilingual project.
  5. Huge selection of extensions. If standard functions are not enough to create a project, you can always use one of the available plugins and extensions. At the moment, the platform provides access to more than 8 thousand extensions, while many are distributed free of charge.
  6. Responsive support service. Unlike other platforms, Joomla has a dynamic, constantly evolving and responsive support service that helps to resolve all issues. In addition to technical experts, you can also chat with ordinary users on the forum. It is on the forum that you can find a lot of useful tips and tricks for beginners, which can significantly speed up the learning process.
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