What is hosting?

In simple words, what is hosting, how it happens and why it is needed.

When we enter the address of the site in the browser, we do not think where the text, images, and design comes from. The page is loaded because somewhere there is a computer in the memory of which files with the text of the site, pictures, videos, scripts are stored. This computer is called a server.


The server stores file with the site content and download them when users visit the site. The larger and more popular the site, the more resources it will need. For example, Facebook uses more than 50,000 servers.

Hosting is a paid service. It includes renting space on the server and its capacity. Companies that provide hosting services are called hosting providers or hosting companies. The task of these companies is to make your website available to users around the clock.

What is the domain name?

$1 Hosting can be done on your home computer, but then you have to keep it turned on around the clock and to monitor the load and power outages.

Hosting can be compared to an art gallery. The gallery stores art objects, and on the hosting — sites. To look at paintings or sculptures, you need to know the address of the gallery and the time of work. And the site is available around the clock. To go to it, you only need to know the correct domain. Enter the domain in the browser and opens the desired page.

Why do you need hosting?

Hosting is needed to store files with the site in the round-the-clock access, manage these files and change their properties. To do this, hosting providers install special equipment — control panels. Briefly describe all the possibilities of hosting will not work, but here are the main ones.

For email

Hosting will store letter and email setup: settings, spam filters, auto-replies, forwarding rules, and contacts.

For security certificate

If you are going to install an SSL certificate on the site, you will need a place on the hosting. The certificate files and settings will be stored there. The certificate encrypts the contact form on the website to users ‘ personal data could not take advantage of the scammers.

For the site

On the unlimited reseller hosting store files with the site and manage them. In the control panel, the administrator downloads and deletes files change the appearance of the site, monitors its performance.

For the application

The application needs hosting to store application files, be online around the clock and store user information.

Type of hosting

Which hosting is best for your website?. Each site requires a different amount of resources, so there are different types of hosting.

They vary in memory size, functionality, and pre-installed software.

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