What Is Hosting Uptime?

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In all hosting reviews, you can find such a concept as Uptime. Its importance is very important for everyone who wants to place their site on the Internet and its significance is difficult to overestimate.

So what is uptime and why is It so important when choosing high-quality and reliable hosting? Let’s get this straight.

Uptime-utility (program settings) that shows the time that the computer (server) is running without failures or the need to restart for administration or maintenance purposes. The highest Uptime value of Cheap WordPress Hosting is usually 99.9%. Why not 100%? Because many of the processes and critical updates require reboot of servers. This is unavoidable. In addition, there may be various force majeure circumstances that will affect this indicator.

Server uptime is a very important indicator of its reliability, as it affects the availability of your site and the traffic of its users and bots.

What is dangerous about low Uptime?

You have invested a lot of time and effort in your site, placed it on the server of a hosting company. Then we spent a lot of money on its promotion in search engines, and achieved a high degree of its output. And then the most unpleasant thing happens – the server crashes and your site becomes unavailable for a certain time with the following consequences:

First, you lose precious customers and visitors who just decided to visit your site at this time and were probably going to buy something.

Secondly, the search robots decided to check the performance of your site at this time. As a result, previously indexed pages fly out of the search engine, and your site inevitably falls to the lowest levels of output and you will have to start working on site promotion again.

An unpleasant prospect, which is why the uptime indicator is very important when choosing a Reseller Hosting India service.

How do I check Uptime on the server?

Every self-respecting hosting company has various programs and solutions that help track the value of Uptime. A company usually has several ways to monitor server uptime around the globe. The request is sent to the server from several points and with the specified regularity. Therefore, if the server does not respond to the request, the client notification program is launched in several ways:

  • by email,
  • on ICQ
  • via SMS messages
  • on the phone
  • and other channels

Instant availability check

Get the best Uptime server that has a wide network of monitoring servers around the world in order to track the availability of your site and give an adequate picture of the health of the server that provides you with Cheap SSD Hosting. This service is also good and has a number of features for monitoring server availability.


Now you understand how important the uptime indicator is and how important it is to track it. Fortunately, there are many services for this purpose and you only need to choose the most suitable one for yourself, focusing on the cost of services and the functionality of a particular service. If you don’t yet know what service characteristics are required for your resource, use the free option and expand it if necessary. For more details, must visit- https://www.mytruehost.in/linux_cpanel_reseller_web_hosting_plans.php

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