What is a Server and what it does?

A server is a computer or several computers that have a large capacity and store a large amount of information. The server is always on and connected to the network (either a local network or the Internet) to process user requests and provide the necessary information. The more information the server stores on the hard disk and the more users who send the request, the more powerful the server should be.

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All sites on the Internet are located on servers. If a site contains a small number of pages and information, then there may be a lot of such sites on one server. If the site contains and processes a huge amount of information, then it is located on a separate server, and in fact it is a server itself. For example, search engines Google, Yahoo, Gmail etc we Can say that all the pages of all sites on the Internet are located on the servers of these companies. In this case, the concept of server is a large number of computers (servers) connected to each other and working in parallel, in order to ensure fast processing of the search query and output of the result. And, do check about Best Hosting Plans In India as well.

Origin of the word “Server”

The word “server” comes from the English word “serve” – to serve, to serve. In other words, a server is a serving computer or network of computers designed to serve users who access it with their request.

What are servers for?

A server is necessary for any large or even small company to share resources. This is not just information resources. For example, the server can be accessed by computers, phones, printers, faxes, and other devices connected to the network. The server stores information resources and organizes shared access to them for several computers. And the larger the company and more network users, the bigger and more powerful the server is needed. And, if you are seeking for hosting, you must look for Best SSD Hosting for sure.


A server room is a room where the company’s servers are located. The server room must maintain a certain temperature and humidity. This can be either a small room with one or several computers, or huge rooms the size of a football field with a large number of computers and various equipment to ensure its smooth operation. Such server rooms are maintained by specialized personnel who monitor all standards for maintaining servers in proper condition.

Server administrator

In order to maintain server health, there is a server administrator or system administrator. Its task is to monitor the status of the server, make a backup of data on servers( BackUp), install software and update it, troubleshoot system problems, and so on. The server operation depends on the administrator’s work.

Types of servers

Depending on the functions that the server performs, they are divided into types. The main ones are presented below.

File server – the server that stores all files on the network. This is a hard disk or several disks that store information resources (various files) that are accessed by other computers. The FTP Protocol (File Transfer Protocol) is used for file exchange between the client and the server. Using this Protocol, the user can upload documents, images, music files, and programs to the network. With its easy feed, you can load pages of any site on the Internet, connect computers to each other. Access to the file server is performed after user authorization and is protected by a password. A file server can be any computer with a large disk space (hard disk) that stores various types of files. You can also visit to the suggested source for Reseller Hosting India services. For more details, must visit- https://www.mytruehost.in/ssd-web-hosting-plans.php

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