Web Hosting Deals With Great Packages And Exciting Features

mytruehost-logoAs an ardent user of an internet, one might easily have the knowledge of what web hosting actually is. Even, if we assume that you are new to the world of internet and don’t know anything about web hosting, then here is a little description for you. Web hosting is a platform that one can use to make his or her website for running business online. With competition, the business of web hosting has gone very accessible and cost effective for a customer. There are quite a few exciting things that today’s web hosting offers you.

The very first feature is adding photos to your website, be it a professional one or a personal one like blogging page. Adding photos to your post makes it speak for itself, which automatically attracts more people. But many people face problems due to the loading time of the posts. This happens because larger images require more time to open and hence more time will be taken by website to open. Even the photos taken by mobile phones are pretty heavy in size these days. But you don’t need to worry, because you can also have the option of optimizing the dimensions of the picture in order to save the website’s space as well as the loading time. The lesser the space consumed by the photo, the speedy it will be for the user to see through your post. But beware not to compress it so much that it disturbs the photo quality too much. There are stock photo websites from where you can add photo related to your post without any or a little restriction. These stock photo websites contain hundreds of thousands of collections of photos worldwide.

The new, yet revolutionary feature of $1 web hosting is adding videos to your post. Gone are those days when people only used to imagine the videos on their posts. Now it has become very easy and convenient to add videos to your post. There are two ways of doing it; one way is to upload the video from your computer. But, direct uploaded videos are huge in size and might eat up your website’s space. So instead, you can go for more convenient ways of compressing the video by using online tools. One more way is there which is more profitable if space is your primary consideration.

This option is to embed the video from online websites to your website by adding a link of that video. In this way, you can show the video to the customers without even uploading it to your 1$ Hosting server. You can still customize the size of the video before embedding it in your website. All you have to do is to open the video on a particular website, copy the embed link from that website, and paste the same link in your website.

Whatever you do, always remember that the more exciting post you make on your website, the people will come to watch and the more money you can make or get popular, depending on what your main priorities are. Must go with the MyTrueHost and grab the best hosting plan, visiting- https://www.mytruehost.com/


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