Unlimited Traffic And Its Reality

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Now the vast majority of hosting companies offer services with the provision of unlimited traffic. Is this really the case? Can the traffic really be unlimited?

First of all, a little bit about what traffic is. The definition of traffic in computer technology is the amount of information transmitted over a network. When visiting your site or requesting files located on your site, a certain amount of information is transmitted to the visitor — this is incoming traffic in relation to the user and outgoing traffic in relation to the server.

Best Hosting Plans In India, Reseller Hosting India, Best SSD Hosting
Best Hosting Plans In India, Reseller Hosting India, Best SSD Hosting

To survive in the face of fierce competition, Best Hosting Plans In India companies have to act quite aggressively. Every day more and more traffic (bandwidth) is offered at a lower price.

Do you think Unlimited traffic is real?

Unlimited traffic is a reality? The correct answer to the question is ”No”.

After all, how can you offer unlimited traffic when hosting companies ‘ bandwidth, server memory, network hardware, and disk drives are physically limited?

True, unlimited traffic is possible when the hosting company owns its own broadband Internet access company. If they have their own broadband company, they can still offer their customers unlimited bandwidth.

Then why does unlimited traffic exist?

To be fair, the traffic limits we are talking about here are almost unattainable and will never be achieved by one simple website. Thus, in practical terms, a Reseller Hosting India company can offer unlimited traffic to its client.

Most sites consume only a very small portion of their bandwidth and take up very little disk space. Hosting companies that offer “unlimited” access to everything in their hosting plan rely on the fact that you will not use very much of their resources.

This is the contentious point between truth and falsehood that a marketing company stands on.

Have you fallen for a marketing trap?

Yes, you can say “Unlimited traffic” is a marketing trick to get your money.

Selling plans presented as unlimited may seem unfair to you. However, the competition in the hosting services market is very high, so “good” hosting companies must hold on to customers and try to satisfy them.

Moreover, there are much more important things than offering unlimited traffic.

Most Best SSD Hosting USA buyers, of course, are concerned about disk space and bandwidth. This is what hosting companies use. As a smart customer, in addition to bandwidth and disk space, pay attention to other characteristics of the package.

The use of server resources, that’s what is important when buying hosting services. This includes the use of RAM and CPU usage of the server, as well as connecting to databases. Without sufficient resources on these points-unlimited traffic and disk space lose their meaning. Now you know that the next time you choose a hosting service, you should not look only at disk space and traffic. Pay attention to customer feedback about the stability of the server uptime of the server, the server response time, etc., to determine the server resources. By the way, this information is not displayed on the main page and it is not easy to get it. Check https://www.mytruehost.in for more information.

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