Tips For Choosing A Right Domain Name

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Domain names are here to make it easier to find sites on the Internet. Previously, you had to remember the digital address of the site to open it in the browser. A numeric address or IP address is a combination of four numbers separated by dots. The IP address points to the server where the site is located, and looks like this:

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Cheap Hosting India, Reseller Hosting India, Cheap SSD Hosting

You can remember a couple of such numbers, but try to keep a couple of dozen IP addresses in your head, and the numbers will start to get confused. Computers don’t care, they will remember as many numbers as they want, and they have come up with text names for people. By the same logic, we do not learn phone numbers by heart, but save them in the phone book. And at the right moment, you just need to find the name in the phone, and the phone itself will understand which number to call.

What is the difference between a domain and a hosting service?

Cheap Hosting India is a place where the website’s files are stored and, the domain is the name of the site. To make the site work and make it easier for people to visit it, you need both a domain and hosting.

Imagine that the site is a collection of paintings. Then the hosting is the house where the paintings are located, and the domain is the address where you can find this house.

Coming up with choosing a good domain name and Reseller Hosting India is not an easy task. First of all, you need to be creative to come up with a name that then became a brand. Secondly, optimized for search engines and marketing-the domain name must be appropriate for the business. And when you came up with it, passed the first two stages, do not forget about the global competition – Your specially created domain can be registered by someone else!

A brief recommendation for selecting a domain

Tips for choosing a domain

If you have not yet come up with a domain for your site, or now you are facing such a problem, then here are tips that you can use for free:

In order not to strain yourself too much, you can register a domain as the name of your company. There are many examples:, ?oca-?, and Semantic expressions are good to use, but most of them belong to domain registrars. If you don’t have a fat wallet, and you’re not willing to spend thousands of dollars just for a domain name, then you can forget about registering a single word (or phrase) as a domain name. We believe that the hyphen mark in a domain name is a good way to separate keywords. For foreign visitors, use the domains “.com” and “.net”, for Russian-speaking”. ru”

Short and long domains have their pros and cons. Short ones are easier to remember and may be a “brand”, but they are harder to register due to competition. Long domains, on the other hand, can include multiple keywords. While you can still register a domain consisting of a single keyword and an additional prefix word in the “.ru “zone, try this trick in the “.com ” zone. Similarly, you better know more about Cheap SSD Hosting.

Selecting a domain name

Use the Instant domain selection service in the .com zone, where you enter a keyword, and the script generates different options that you can immediately register. For more details, must visit-

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