Remove IP from Brute Force Protection

How to remove blocked ip address from the Brute Force Protection by using SSH ?

Solution :–

When WHM locks out an user account, especially “root”, the best way is to wait for 10 minutes to see if the account will be unlocked. If the locks persists, webmaster and administrator who still can remote login via SSH to the server as root can manually remove the lockouts via following steps:

mysql> use cphulkd;
mysql> BACKUP TABLE `brutes` TO ‘/var/lib/mysql/cphulkd-bak’;
mysql> BACKUP TABLE `logins` TO ‘/var/lib/mysql/cphulkd-bak’;

Above command will backup the brutes table, the main table used by cPHulk to record locked accounts and denied IP addresses.

mysql> DELETE FROM `brutes`;
mysql> DELETE FROM `logins`;

Above commands will remove all blocked IP addresses and locked accounts from the system, enabling full access again

mysql> quit;


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