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Web hosting introduction for beginners

In this article, we have compiled all the important information you would need as a new Webmaster to plan and successfully build your own Website. There are three main steps you should take into account: you should select a Web Host, Domain name, and an application to create and manage your Website content.


How to select a Web Host?

Selecting a Web Host is the first step you should consider when you want to start a Website project. To place your Website on the World Wide Web, you would use a Host.  Your place in the WWW is concerned, thanks to the Web Hosting provider. The Web Hosting as a service includes the space where your Website files are stored, the traffic, and many additional Services such as technical support, Firewall protection,    Domain registration, E-Mail Service, Website building Tools, FTP access,   and Much more.

To select a Web Host for your Website, you need to consider a few important points:

Price: Can it work with a free Web Host?

Many webmasters are looking for free Web Hosting providers, at least for their first Website. This is understandable – you have no idea how to compare the Hosting services and how to check the prices. Now, when you launch a Website, you will see that there are some other things, except the price, which are also to be considered.  For example, Hosts publish Ads on their websites free of charge or very cheap, but without technical support. Below we have listed some of the most important factors that would help you choose Host:

Customer feedback

If you compare a few $1 Hosting providers that meet your Budget and technical requirements, it is recommended to review customer Feedback. A lot of information can be found in Google, Yahoo or in specialized Hosting directories. The reliability of the providers can be determined by the following factors:

  • How fast providers respond to Tech issues
  • corresponds to the operating time in the Index
  • Satisfaction

Technical Customer Support

The technical support is always needed, at least from time to time. When you start building your Web page, questions will arise such as: how to start; how to upload files; How to create an email account, etc.

You will use the answers to these questions as soon as possible or even immediately. Therefore, your web Host should provide 24×7 technical support. In addition to the quickness of the feedback, you should also check the professional competence. And you do not go searching for phone Support – the phone Support lines are always busy when you need them. The most efficient companies use Ticketing systems. This allows you to list all the technical Details of the problem as part of a Ticket. If all information is available, the request can be answered much faster and more accurately.

Hosting features: Webspace, bandwidth, CPU, PHP limits, etc.

The features of Cheap Reseller Hosting Planning are constantly growing. In 2003, the max disk space per Shared Hosting 5 MB. In 2009, some providers offer almost everything unlimited. Attention! Read the terms and conditions to see what is limited.

    E-Mail, POP3, SMTP, IMAP, auto-replies, e-mail forwarders:

If you have your own Website, you probably want to have E-Mail addresses in your own Domain, for example, You are looking for POP3, SMTP (and IMAP), Web Mail-secure functions. Check whether a confirmation can be sent automatically to the sender (auto confirmation). To see if the forwarding works properly, when you forward a message from an E-Mail to another: all the E-Mails, which ends at the course should be forwarded to This email address is being protected from Spambots. JavaScript must be enabled for this to appear. “>

PHP, MySQL, Cron Jobs:

The PHP / MySQL functions are becoming more important for a dynamic Website. You would use Cron Jobs for programs that are used regularly (e.g. once a day)

Website Tools-Blogs, CMS, Galleries, Forums:

Your host can get you free Tools to create your Website. Such Tools include Blogs, CMS, Galleries, Forums. These tools will make working on your Website much easier and will also save you a lot of money for web designers and developers.

    E-Commerce Option-shopping cart, SSL (Secure Socket Layer):

If you plan to operate an e-Commerce Website, you will receive an SSL certificate and shopping cart. These facilities are usually expensive and include additional fees. You will definitely need an SSL certificate if you want to collect credit card information on your Website.

Why Choose MyTrueHost?

Fast and secure for the professional internet presence

With more than 5,000 servers and 50,000 Domains, MYTRUEHOST is one of the largest Hosting providers in the world. More than 1 Lakh customers in the USA trust us in the security and high availability of their Websites, online shops, enterprise applications, and database servers. Benefit from our Know-how! We have the right Hosting package for your web project.

  • Solutions for beginners and professionals
  • fast, secure, highly-available
  • unlimited data volume
  • cheap rates – flexible, changeable
  • High-performance data centers in the USA


What you can expect from a web hosting provider

Good Content needs a good web hosting strategy because a competent Hosting Provider minimizes load times and keeps your content available. Visitors to your Website benefit from this – and this, in turn, benefits the success and search engine placement of your website.

Professional web hosting must meet the following Standards:

  • Storage space, domain(s), E-Mail addresses and unlimited Traffic included in the monthly price.
  • Hosting is secure and your data is protected against computer viruses, malware, and unauthorized access – as well as your customers ‘ data.
  • A balanced price/performance ratio is important so that the Cheap Reseller Hosting costs do not burden your project.
  • Your Hosting Provider will accompany you with advice and help in creating and managing your internet presence.

Great performance for beginners and professionals

Whether private Homepage, a company page or Multimedia website: Our 1 Dollar Hosting packages are tailored to different requirements. Select the appropriate Tariff based on the desired duration, the Webspace size, and other metrics.

Additional Features included

With a large number of 1-Click installations for Content management systems (CMS), Blogs, Wikis and more, MYTRUEHOST’s Hosting packages contain everything you need to create a contemporary internet presence. You can also use programming Features, such as the PHP Module Library or Cronjobs.

Fair Prices

At MYTRUEHOST, you pay a fortune for performance, safety, and Service. We offer individual solutions with a balanced price-performance ratio. We do not shy away from a web hosting comparison and offer a professional solution even for small Budgets. With us, you always pay only for the performance you really need. If your project grows and you need more resources, you can change the tariff at any time.

The security of your data comes first

Our servers are located in high-performance data centers in the USA, are subject to strict USA data protection and are certified annually according to ISO 27001. Data is transmitted encrypted and a multi-level security concept also ensures the physical security of your data, which is always highly available. The same applies to the data of your customers.

Effective protection against malware

To prevent Malware such as viruses and Trojans from reaching your inbox, MYTRUEHOST uses ServerSide Antivirus in the mail server by default. Spam is also filtered out by ServerSide Antispam on the Server. The intelligent System learns to distinguish good and desired from bad and unwanted e-Mails.

Back-ups and hacker protection

Backup control creates daily automatic Back-ups of your data, which you can download at any time via FTP. If desired, you can use different storage times. MYTRUEHOST SiteLock, the cheap hacker protection for your internet presence, is also available as an option. SiteLock regularly checks your site for vulnerabilities and leaves no chance of malicious software. We recommend MYTRUEHOST SiteLock, especially for your Business Hosting.

What is hosting?

In simple words, what is hosting, how it happens and why it is needed.

When we enter the address of the site in the browser, we do not think where the text, images, and design comes from. The page is loaded because somewhere there is a computer in the memory of which files with the text of the site, pictures, videos, scripts are stored. This computer is called a server.


The server stores file with the site content and download them when users visit the site. The larger and more popular the site, the more resources it will need. For example, Facebook uses more than 50,000 servers.

Hosting is a paid service. It includes renting space on the server and its capacity. Companies that provide hosting services are called hosting providers or hosting companies. The task of these companies is to make your website available to users around the clock.

What is the domain name?

$1 Hosting can be done on your home computer, but then you have to keep it turned on around the clock and to monitor the load and power outages.

Hosting can be compared to an art gallery. The gallery stores art objects, and on the hosting — sites. To look at paintings or sculptures, you need to know the address of the gallery and the time of work. And the site is available around the clock. To go to it, you only need to know the correct domain. Enter the domain in the browser and opens the desired page.

Why do you need hosting?

Hosting is needed to store files with the site in the round-the-clock access, manage these files and change their properties. To do this, hosting providers install special equipment — control panels. Briefly describe all the possibilities of hosting will not work, but here are the main ones.

For email

Hosting will store letter and email setup: settings, spam filters, auto-replies, forwarding rules, and contacts.

For security certificate

If you are going to install an SSL certificate on the site, you will need a place on the hosting. The certificate files and settings will be stored there. The certificate encrypts the contact form on the website to users ‘ personal data could not take advantage of the scammers.

For the site

On the unlimited reseller hosting store files with the site and manage them. In the control panel, the administrator downloads and deletes files change the appearance of the site, monitors its performance.

For the application

The application needs hosting to store application files, be online around the clock and store user information.

Type of hosting

Which hosting is best for your website?. Each site requires a different amount of resources, so there are different types of hosting.

They vary in memory size, functionality, and pre-installed software.

Why Hosting at Mytruehost?

Mytruehost has been offering Domain and Hosting services for over 20 years. Know-How, we are always trying to offer you the highest performance and best Service. A brief summary of your benefits:

  • No hidden costs like setup fees
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee
  • always up-to-date brand Hardware
  • a separate internet infrastructure at the most important internet hub the USA
  • daily Backups & malware scans
  • a custom Control Panel
  • TOP Support from our IT professionals


1 dollar hosting USA

High-Speed SSD Web space for your Homepage in the USA

We do not operate our customer websites with cheap components and not as a Reseller of another provider, but are independent Web Hoster and accredited Domain Registrar, RIPE member and thus independent through our own high-speed web hosting Cluster at the most important internet hub of USA.

Our servers are located in one of the most modern data centers in the USA, directly connected to the international fiber-optic networks.

  • 100% Hosting Availability
  • 100% Hosting availability-perfect redundancy

Independent testing of various Web Hosting quality testers proves our high availability.

  • Redundant Hardware: fail-safe SSDs in a RAID-5 array, and dual CPUs
  • Redundant servers: all Hosting servers are mirrored – if one server fails, the other is immediately online
  • Network: Our own independent Internet infrastructure(AS25575) with redundant routers and Switches
  • Redundant connections to the high-quality fiber optic networks
  • Redundant power supply From diesel generator to the main power supply

All these measures guarantee the high availability of your Website, E-Mail addresses, and databases.

AMD Epyc & NVMe SSDs

Top Hardware – highest performance through AMD Epyc + NVME SSDs

Our top current Hardware leaves nothing to be desired. The EPYC series from AMD, specifically the Top model AMD Epyc 7601, ensures orderly processing power. According to various external and own Tests, this CPU achieves up to 2.5 times more power than comparable Sever Chips from other manufacturers. Together with NVM express SSDs, which are even faster due to the new interface technology, you get unique Performance.

Mytruehost Hosting Control Panel

Own Hosting Control Panel

Our in-house developed Mytruehost Hosting control Panel offers a high added value for every company and Website operator. Intuitive operation and many useful modules save you time, money and resources when implementing your projects.

Since the Mytruehost Hosting Control Panel is an in-house development, we are completely independent of third-party manufacturers and can thus offer you constantly new functions and improvements.

  • Hosting Software
  • Free Software included

Depending on the Hosting package you choose, you can use many well-known and useful software packages for easy Installation.

The ready-made software packages such as CMS systems, Blog Software, Onlineshop Software, Forum Software, Cloud Software, and many other useful applications can be installed in the latest version with the help of the software module of the Mytruehost cheap reseller hosting control panel with a few clicks.

  • Domain and Hosting Support
  • Free Professional Support

Telephone support: Our telephone support is available for you during office hours within the USA. No long waiting times and no call center, with us you speak with qualified skilled workers from the field!

24×7 E-Mail Support: fast response times guaranteed! 95% of all inquiries will be answered within less than 15 minutes. Our Trusted Shops reviews speak for themselves.

Comprehensive online manual: detailed and easy-to-understand instructions on a wide range of topics. Questions and answers to the most important questions about your Hosting, Domain and E-Mail addresses.

Shared hosting — what is it? Advantages and disadvantages of virtual hosting.

Among the services of hosting companies there is such a thing as virtual hosting. What is this type of hosting? Under this, at first glance, an intricate name means the ability to host more than one site on the server. The number depends on the volume of files and attendance of these sites. If we take into account the capacity of modern servers, then one machine can accommodate several hundred projects.

1 dollar hosting, cheap reseller hosting

1 dollar hosting, cheap reseller hosting

The advantage of 1 dollar hosting is that customers, who cannot afford to rent a server, but want to create their own representation on the Internet, can easily afford this inexpensive hosting. Almost all websites start their “life” on such hosting.

Ordering a virtual hosting for the site from one of the providers, you get a certain amount of disk space, determined by the tariff plan, and place there the files of your project. For the operation of the site you use the server shares: memory, CPU time and others. Virtual hosting supports all the necessary software (PHP, MySQL, Perl, FTP), which allows you to use any popular CMS for your website. In addition, you get access to a convenient control panel, with which you can carry out various actions with your site without having any special knowledge. All other responsibilities for the organization of the server, its technical support and management fall on the shoulders of system administrators hosting company. So you can not worry about the performance of your site and calmly deal with its content, promotion, customer service.

So, to sum up, the main advantages of virtual hosting:

first, it is a low cost, which makes this type of hosting the most popular among users;

secondly, it is easy to manage, the problems associated with server administration do not concern you , it is a concern of technical support.

However, shared hosting has its drawbacks, let’s consider the main problems associated with the operation of this service. One of the most common problems is server overflow, i.e. when there are more sites on one server than it can serve. However, if you choose a good hosting provider that monitors this parameter and does not allow such errors, then no failure in the server will not be your and other projects the project will work fine.

The second is security. Cheap reseller hosting security is much lower than, for example, the same VPS (virtual dedicated server). If one of the sites, which is located on the same physical server, will be subject to an attack by hackers, it may affect the files of your site. Security is also the responsibility of the hosting company, so choose a reliable provider with a good reputation.

Who are your neighbors? The neighbor problem is a problem for all those who are hosted on the same server. Problems can arise because of neighbors who have, for example, the site of “adult” content. An ideal option to bypass such a server side, so check this question in advance.

To sum up, it is fashionable to say that virtual hosting is the best solution for most projects, the main thing is to choose a good provider that provides a quality server, values its customers and quickly eliminates possible problems.

What is a Dedicated Server?

A variety of different providers are active in the web hosting industry. Many of them are also so-called Resellers, which rent capacity from another provider and market their own prices and conditions. The very high level of competition and widespread use result in high price pressure, in which many services are saved. A comparison of dedicated servers-often referred to as Root or Dedicated servers-gives a potential customer a clear and easy-to-understand list of prices and conditions.

1 Dollar Hosting, Cheap Reseller Hosting

1 Dollar Hosting, Cheap Reseller Hosting

Since when is there a comparison of dedicated servers?

A dedicated Server was a long time in the Installation and operation very expensive and largely uninteresting for small and medium-sized enterprises or private individuals. In recent years, however, rental of a Cheap Reseller Hosting has become quite cheap on the basis of cheaper Hardware and lower costs for network connection. The numerous advantages over other Hosting methods – especially the exclusive access to the Hardware – make the Root Server a sought-after Alternative. At the same time, therefore, a comparison of dedicated servers has been established with which interested parties receive an overview of the variety of offers and their services.

A comparison of the Dedicated Server gives special costs?

In general, the comparison of dedicated servers is also free for new customers. In some cases, revenues are generated through advertising and a low Commission, which is charged to the provider. An exception is only complex and professional networks, which provide for a division between Web, file and database servers and possibly services in the Cloud.

Does a comparison of Root Server have advantages and disadvantages?


  • Clearly arranged presentation of different offers
  • Search for special conditions such as Installation or operating system costs possible
  • No time-consuming search with different providers necessary
  • Direct Links for fast ordering
  • Providers with different locations worldwide are considered
  • Providers may grant discounts to new customers
  • Dedicated Server with different performance
  • Clear overview of opportunities and price trends



  • No detailed listing of the terms and conditions of use
  • In some cases, intermediate advertising
  • Offers are partly updated automatically and may be outdated


A comparison of Dedicated Server resources in web hosting?

The comparison is only hosted on the portal’s Web space. For Pure customers, therefore, it does not require any special requirements for 1 Dollar Hosting, but only an up-to-date Browser and an internet connection. The Hosting of comparison, in turn, is relatively expensive and includes an automated collection of providers participate in Affiliate programs and have extensive knowledge in the programming of websites. Revenues from commercial offers must also be taxed accordingly, which is why they usually require the registration of a trade.

When does a comparison of dedicated servers make sense and are there other possibilities?

For a rough overview of the current price situation and the performance of different servers, a comparison of Dedicated Server is always useful. However, it is advisable to carry out a manual comparison, especially for larger projects, which takes into account, among other things, the additional services such as Support, availability of customer service and the costs of external support. For the protection and operation of a Root server appropriate knowledge in the Administration and IT security are essential. In the absence of this, Installation and ongoing support by the Provider should be used in any case. It is recommended to include offers that automatically include these services because hourly billing is usually very expensive and for example does not provide for automatic updating by means of Updates or the unsolicited closing of security gaps.”

Best control panels for Linux

1 Dollar Hosting, Cheap Reseller Hosting

When you need to take full control of your Linux server, it is best to use a terminal. Here you can adjust everything very subtly and adjust only those parameters that you need. But it is not always possible, and not always have the time, especially if you have several sites. But you can use the Linux server control panel.

This is a great solution for beginners because to configure the server in this way, you do not need a fundamental knowledge of the device of the Linux system. In this article, we’ll look at the best Linux control panels you can use to administer your server. In our list will be both free and commercial options.

1 Dollar Hosting, Cheap Reseller Hosting

1 Dollar Hosting, Cheap Reseller Hosting

What are the control panels?

The hosting control panel is a web interface with which you can manage the main features of the server in one place. You can configure and install services, add email accounts, FTP accounts, manage files, monitor disk space, and server load, create backups, and more.

Because of its simplicity, control panels are often used on VPS / VDS to automate administrative tasks, as well as on virtual hosts to limit the webmaster’s authority on the system and give him enough control. Now let’s move on to the list of panels for Linux.

  1. cPanel

cPanel is a modern and multifunctional 1 dollar hosting control panel on a Linux server. It has a modern, very convenient and beautiful interface, which will understand any beginner. This panel is very common on various web hosting services.

cPanel gives you full control over domains and subdomains, databases, files on the server, mailboxes, and even SSL security certificates. Only Apache web server is supported. On the side panel, you can monitor the current system boot. And in the settings, you can change the appearance of the interface and apply a different theme. Only one minus, for the use of the panel will have to pay a monthly fee.


  1. Plesk

Plesk is another popular and commercial Linux control panel. It is designed more for VPS because it is integrated with the OpenVZ container management system. Most standard features are supported, such as domain, mailbox, FTP, database, and file management. Of the features can be noted a large number of extensions that increase the functionality of the panel.

  1. ISPConfig

ISPConfig is an open source control panel for cheap reseller hosting that allows you to manage multiple servers from a single location. The program is distributed under the BSD license. All standard functions such as domain management, FTP, SQL, BIND, databases are supported. There is also support for managing virtual servers.

The panel can work with Apache and Nginx web servers, configuration mirroring, clustering and much more are supported.

Windows or Linux-what to choose for your virtual server?

When renting a virtual dedicated server, its administrator has to make a choice: what operating system will be installed on the server. In most cases, there are 2 options: Windows Server or one of the Linux OS family. If we are talking about the subsequent launch of a virtual server site or blog, online store or corporate portal, most likely, the choice will fall in favor of Linux, but Windows is also suitable for managing your hosting and is indispensable for solving a number of complex and specific tasks. Let’s try to compare Windows and Linux on several basic parameters.

1 dollar hosting, unlimited reseller hosting

1 dollar hosting, unlimited reseller hosting


Almost all operating systems of the Linux family (except for rare commercial versions like Red Hat) are free, and the number of freely distributed popular distributions is very large: CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, etc. Windows, as you know, is a paid operating system, and its installation on a virtual dedicated server requires the purchase of a user license. The price depends on the version: on The first vds platform, for example, the installation of Windows Server 2008 R2 costs 10 USD, and the version 2012 –15 USD. At the same time, you can install special closed-source SOFTWARE on a Windows server and enjoy all the advantages, such as working with a remote desktop directly from the “box”.

Computer language

When selecting an OS for a virtual dedicated server, the administrator must first think about the programming language in which the project is written, which is planned to run on this server. Both Windows and Linux (1 dollar hosting) work equally well with major languages like JavaScript or HTML, but this is not always the case. For example, for a project written entirely in PHP, it is better to choose Linux, as for this OS, this programming language is “native”. Despite the fact that PHP scripts can also run and execute on Windows, the speed of their work in the Linux environment, ceteris paribus, will always be higher. For projects created using Microsoft-developed technology, ASP.NET.there is simply no alternative – it is only supported by Windows.

Data transfer protocol

A similar situation is with data transfer protocols. Both Windows and Linux (unlimited reseller hosting) work almost equally with the most popular FTP and telnet protocols but interact differently with the secure SSH network Protocol. On Linux OS, this Protocol is supported by default and programs for work with him usually includes in the number of standard utilities. In Windows, work with the SSH Protocol is possible only after installing additional SOFTWARE, among which there are both free and paid utilities.

Database management systems

The Most popular MySQL database among web application developers is available for both operating systems, but given the popularity of the “classic” PHP+MySQL bundle, it can be considered a bit closer to Linux. Moreover, the bundle of MySQL, PHP language and Apache web server is today a “standard” complex of server software LAMP for Linux. MS SQL DBMS, often used by developers of complex corporate portals with high requirements for reliability and stability, works only in a Windows environment. The same applies to Microsoft Access databases.

Website on WordPress? Learn More about How to Create It

How to create a website on WordPress? This is a topical issue for beginners in the field of web development. If you have a vague idea about terms like hosting or HTML, then this article is just for you. To create your first website on the basis of this CMS does not need special knowledge of layout and even the basics of programming, you do not have to invest much in the purchase of a domain or hosting, because you can get a working and attractive online resource in a minimum time frame.

$1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

$1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

How to create a website on WordPress?

Why WordPress: the main reasons

If you think that for all the simplicity of the site on WordPress will not look professional, or will not bring you a profit in the future, then you are deeply mistaken. “This is one of the most popular CMS” – according to the authoritative news portal “Web Technology Surveys” in 2015. It employs more than 60% of all sites in the network.

So, the main advantages, why choose this system:

The availability of free engine. The fact is that there is an open license agreement that allows you to use this product even for commercial purposes. You do not have to invest “in business” finances and even in case of failure you do not lose anything.

You can create an online resource: news portal, portfolio, blog, business card site, online store and so on.

Excellent functionality. You will have access to free and paid WordPress website templates that meet the trends of modern web design. In addition, all kinds of plugins that help to solve the main tasks, providing effective functionality of the site, are available in the public domain.

Simple “admin”. In settings, it can handle even a beginner.

The ability to publish the first content within five minutes after the creation of the site. Of course, to bring “to mind” your resource will need more time, but after a few minutes, your first news or post will be visible to users on the network.

Let’s start with the registration of 1 dollar hosting and domain. After that, log on to the official website WordPress and follow the steps in the instructions:


  • download the distribution file;
  • open archive;
  • click on “Create database” (the button is located in the Cabinet menu of the selected hosting provider). Give it a name;
  • enter your personal login and password;

You must change the file name instead of wp-config-sample.php on wp-config.php. It must be opened using Notepad and register the host, the selected name of the database, username, and password;

If all the steps are done correctly, you will see a window with congratulations on the successful completion of the process.

Creating a website on WordPress is quite a fascinating and creative process due to a large number of available templates and themes. You can choose the design to your taste. All you need is to pay for cheap reseller hosting and domain if you want something exclusive, then you should pay attention to the paid features.

We recommend using plugins only for specific purposes:

  • Site security.
  • Reducing the percentage of spam.
  • Optimization according to the rules of search engines.
  • Improved functionality and usability.

How to create a website on WordPress?

Creating websites on WordPress Is a very popular CMS (content management system) for websites, which is distributed free of charge. This system is declared by the developers as simple and easy to use, which encourages many Internet users to try to develop their own sites on WordPress. But is it really so easy to work with this CMS? Learn more about how to make a website on WordPress, we will go further.

$1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

$1 hosting, cheap reseller hosting

All the work on creating a website on WordPress can be divided into several stages. So, the development of the site begins with the installation of the WordPress distribution on the $1 hosting or on the local server, and the next step is the layout of the website template for WordPress or the installation of the finished template. Then you configure the parameters of WordPress, install and configure the necessary plugins, develop individual modules and components. The creation of a website on WordPress is completed by filling the site with unique content.

Installation of WordPress distribution on cheap reseller hosting is quite simple and does not require any too complicated actions. Must be downloaded from the official WordPress site ( unpack the distribution to a separate folder, and then place this folder in the root directory of the site on the web server. After that, you should create a new database for WordPress on The web server and give the MySQL user permissions to access and make changes to this database.

Several changes should be made to the WordPress distribution files hosted on The web server: rename the wp-config-sample file.php in wp-config.php, and then open the wp-config file.php in any text editor and enter into it the connection settings to the created database. Then it remains to open the browser and type in the address bar text “” where -domain name of the created site. The WordPress installation program will start, after which the WordPress CMS will be ready for the next stages of website creation.

If you install a WordPress CMS on a web server is relatively easy, which allows you to cope with such a task even without special knowledge in the field of web programming, the subsequent stages of website development on WordPress are associated with much more complex types of work.

The development of individual modules and components for the site on WordPress is also unthinkable without a confident knowledge of modern technologies of web programming and experience with this content management system. Otherwise, the developed software elements simply will not work or will not work properly, and this should not be allowed when creating a high — quality commercial site (however, any other-too).

Creating websites on WordPress is currently very popular. This is due to the popularity of this content management system, and a large number of available for her free extensions (plugins) that allow you to implement on WordPress a variety of tasks. However, it is impossible not to take into account the fact that the WordPress CMS was originally intended only for blogs and the creation of more complex types of sites on the basis of this system requires considerable experience and confident knowledge in the field of web programming. So to make a website on WordPress without the help of experts will not succeed.