How to install RMS(Ray Media Server) server on 64 bit linux machine?

You should follow below steps :

cd /usr/local
mkdir RMS
cd RMS
tar xzvf RMS-LINUX-v.7.0

Steps for configuring RMS :

1. access.dat – input all domain names which will be allowed to access RMS. Every domain name should be written on a separate line and should not contain “http://” and “www”, just;
2. .in (UNIX only) – set the value for JAVA_HOME variable. It should be the path to the folder where JRE is installed. For example:
JAVA_HOME=/opt/ray_server/jre1.x; or /usr/local/jdk_1.6.0 or /usr/java/jdk1.6.0_05

Note : java might not be installed on the server. I have published another article about the jdk installation and you can get help from there.

3. in (UNIX only) – set the value for RAY_SERVER_PATH variable. It should be the path to the RMS folder on your server. For example:

RAY_SERVER_PATH=/opt/ray_server; in my case RAY_SERVER_PATH=/usr/local/src/RMS_7.0

4. change the IP addresses in the files located in


where “path_to_rms” stands for path to your Ray Media Server folder, and “widget_name” stands for board, chat, im, video and global (“global” is only for 3.5 version). For example: open

/opt/ray_server/webapps/chat/WEB-INF/ or /usr/local/src/RMS_7.0/webapps/chat/WEB-INF/ and replace the following line:

webapp.virtualHosts= with webapp.virtualHosts=server ip address
5. RMS Test launch: ./
6. RMS runtime : ./
7. set the following lines in /etc/rc.local
cd /usr/local/src/RMS_7.0
./ &

That’s it try 🙂

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