How to install Fantastico on cpanel server?

Steps to install fantastico:

1. Login to server as root

2. cd /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi

3. Now download fantastico tar file using following cmd:

wget -N link)

4. Untar it: tar -xzpf fantastico_whm_admin.tgz

5. Remove tar file : rm -rf fantastico_whm_admin.tgz

6. Now login to WHM

7. Go to plugins and click on Fantastico De Luxe WHM Admin

8. Scroll down the screen and click on “INSTALL” button.

9. After that server starts fetching files and will take few minutes. Finally, fantastico gets installed on the server.

10. Scroll down the window again and click on “Click here”. It will open Feature Manager again scroll down and click on save button.

11. Another “Click here”. Option will open Fantastico De Luxe WHM Admin just scroll down it and click on save button.

12. This way we can get fantastico installed on the server.


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