How to use Livezilla to run your own professional real-time Chat on the Website

The quality of a business relationship is often measured by the easy-to-understand product presentation on a company’s website or in the Shop of its e-Commerce platform. The brand formation is often the focus and in this case, has a particularly great influence on the perception of quality. Alternatively, factors such as the friendly and individual advice during the sales meeting or the generous discount offer of the sales agent act as a quality seal. In this case, purchasing comfort, or the price level of conviction. But what happens after the transaction?

In the business with digital goods and services, in particular, sustainable customer service is the cornerstone of qualitative business evaluation. Answering Support requests via E-Mail and telephone is often not enough today. The expectations of the different target groups are as varied as the target group portfolio itself. More and more channels like popular social networks are being used to get in touch with the company when it comes to questions or suggestions. This interface is currently very well established.

The Chat as a professional Medium

Another platform that has enjoyed increasing popularity in recent years is Chat. Whether for Support requests or informative sales discussions – it is an important Medium, which is usually perceived as both professional and very personal. In addition, it is an effective and time-saving way to communicate with customers in a targeted manner. All you need is to have $1 web hosting to install live chat on your website.

In this article, we would like to introduce you to a popular Chat solution that meets the requirements of a professional Helpdesk and is even free of charge for operation with only one Operator. An Ideal Tool for freelancers or small businesses. An attractive price structure is also available for operation with several operators.

The Live Help / Live Support System “LiveZilla”, the company from Singen, in Germany connects you in real time with visitors to your Website.

In addition to the extensive chat function, the Tool also offers Live visitor Monitoring and a ticket system with interfaces to E-Mail and Social Media.

Another Plus is the extensive multilingualism with a spelling correction and speech recognition, as well as Live Translation. As an Operator, you can write in your native language, the Text is translated for you in parallel. The language of the Chat partner is also minor because his questions will be passed on to you according to your language settings. After a Chat session, you can send the entire chat history to the customer in an email summary for documentation purposes.

The Chat, Ticket and Monitoring System is integrated into your Website in just a few steps and complies with the current German data protection regulations. Therefore, all sensitive data remains on your cheap reseller hosting. The Installation takes only about 15 minutes, only requires PHP, MySQL and the access to your website structure.

Also on Mytruehost’s website, Livezilla has used for sales and support requests in order to offer customers a further, effective Live contact channel in addition to free telephone Support.

Key Features at a glance

  • SSL support
  • Support for multiple websites / Domains
  • Flexibility and adaptability (to CI / CD)
  • Multilingualism (with automatic detection)
  • Automatic Real-Time Translation Service
  • Linking Chats and Tickets
  • Assigning Tickets to employees/operators
  • Classroom, E-Learning and conference Chats
  • Direct FAQ Integration
  • Dynamic Response Templates
  • Sending and receiving attachments
  • Built-In Spelling Correction
  • Chat Hours
  • LiveZilla APP for IOS, Android
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