How To Open Up A Hosting Business To Earn Revenue?

For people who are tech savvy it is not difficult to start a hosting business to earn some extra income.  There are some easy steps you can follow before starting a web hosting services.

It is easy to set up a hosting business to earn extra income if you are person who is very good with technology and like to set up websites and run them without any effort.  It is not difficult to set up a small hosting business, if you know what are hosting services.  The hosting services entail creating a space where your data, images and general files are stored until they are needed and you receive a request through input.

What is a Web Hosting service: Web hosting services provide a place for the websites run by the clients to store their data until they need to access it.  In other words web hosting services are simply ‘data delivery services’ where space is provided to store data; the data is easily access when a request is received. $1 Web Hosting is very popular nowadays to go with.

Steps for starting a web hosting services: One thing which is crucial to starting a web hosting service business is to have a good server with enough capacity to easily store the client’s data.

  • A good server costs money:  A good server that is used in a web hosting service is not cheap, the cheapest one costs nearly $500 while the best servers cost nearly $100,000 or above.
  • Server needs to be placed in a controlled environment: The server that is used for providing a web hosting service needs to be placed in an air conditioned environment.
  • Backup generator:  If you are living in an environment where electric outages are everyday norm, you need to provide a back generator because the clients do not pay you money to go through server downtime.
  • Rent a server space:  If you want to start a business yet do not want to invest huge capital investment in the beginning, you can start on a small scale.  Instead of buying your own server you can hire a server space on rent from other website companies who are in hosting business.  There have two options:

o    Reseller account:  When you opt for a reseller account; under this account the company that is renting you the space takes care of all maintenance, software installation and management.

o   Dedicated account: Dedicated account is a little expensive but under this scheme but you can keep control of performance, speed and security of the server you have rented.

  • Setting up the Web hosting services: There is another hurdle you have to overcome before asking clients and friends to use your web hosting services for payment. You need to prepare a legal document which clearly states terms and conditions of services for using your web hosting services.  It is better to contact a lawyer to draw this contract which your client needs to sign before they start using the services offered by you.
  • Advertise or use personal contact to sell your web hosting services:  You can either convince your acquaintances or friends to use your web hosting services for a small monthly payment or you can advertise on the website for clients.

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