How to install shoutcast

Basically most of the people don’t like to run shoutcast as root as that can be really harmful due to that its better if we create shoutcast user and then run shoutcast on server.
Following are the basic steps to install shoutcast on server

1.) Login to root

2.) adduser shoutcast

3.) passwd shoutcast

Once you add user “shoutcast” login as the new user “shoutcast”.

Lets wget shoutcast from the provider


The extract shoutcast:

tar -zxvf shoutcast-1-9-2-linux-glibc6.tar.gz

rm -rf shoutcast-1-9-2-linux-glibc6.tar.gz
mv shoutcast-1-9-2-linux-glibc6 shoutcast
cd shoutcast

Now you can configure shoutcast?

You need to edit the shoutcast configuration.

pico sc_serv.conf
nano sc_serv.conf


uncomment AdminPassword and set an admin password as per your requirement.

Now you can save and start shoutcast and it will work perfectly for you without any problem.

to save crtl+x

Steps to start shoutcast

./sc_serv sc_serv.conf


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