How to access your database remotely on a cPanel hosting.

How to access your database remotely on a cPanel hosting

First of all, it is important to explain how the database & database user names are formed. The names consist two parts — your cPanel username and the actual database username name. For example — if your username is “user” and if you named your database “databasename” you should use:


Same for database username:


Now, if you would like to access your database remotely you should add your IP to remote hosts list first. This can be done via your cPanel -> MySQL database. You will see on the bottom of your page Access Hosts section.

You can see your IP at If you have dynamic IP address you can add % instead which will allow connections from every IP.

As soon as you have your IP added, you can access your database using the following information:

MySQL host: your doamin name or the server hostname/IP address
MySQL port: 3306 ( 99% chance to be 3306) :)
MySQL database:  user_databasename
MySQL name: user_databaseuser
MySQL password: the password for the database applied for the user.


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