7 Best Hosting Plans In India Tricks You Must follow

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Everyone knows that there are hosting companies that conduct their business dishonestly. Therefore, before purchasing services, you need to study the company. Forums and blogs are certainly a good place to ask for advice. I believe that it is better to understand the hosting industry yourself and make your own purchase decisions.

  1. Hosting with short or no trial period

I am surprised by hosting companies that do not provide a trial period at all. Don’t forget to check Best Hosting Plans In India policy on returning your money during the trial period. A trial period of less than 30 days is simply unacceptable. I advise you to avoid such companies.

  • Outdated software and applications

There are also hosting companies that have a set of applications for users consisting of PHP 4, WordPress 2.2 and Joomla 1.2. The update exists to protect the user, outdated software is easy to hack.

  • Hidden fees or huge opt-out fees

There is a cheap hosting, where the company receives income from hidden commissions (for example, for an additional fee for using scripts and reporting statistics), and for refusing their services, huge fees. Unfortunately, it is not possible to identify such companies independently. All you can do to avoid this is to search all over the internet for the latest reviews before buying Reseller Hosting India.

  • 100% uptime guarantee

A hosting company cannot predict the performance of its server in the long run. There are too many factors: power supply, networks, human errors, software errors, hardware failure, etc. – all this deprives the stability of the server. Therefore, it is impossible for any hosting provider to provide 100% reliability (even Google can’t!). So hosting companies that promise 100% Uptime are actually lying – avoid them at all costs!

  • Unlimited hosting

As a rule, nowadays, you can often see unlimited hosting plans. You should understand that suchBest SSD Hosting, only conditionally unlimited. Simply, the hosting provider manages its servers carefully to avoid resource scarcity. These unlimited offers are, after all, limited to the technical side of the issue.

Most hosting companies (good and bad) use unlimited hosting as an advertising ploy. You shouldn’t run away from them. As smart customers, just avoid over-trusting the hosting service.

  • Green hosting-an advertising ploy

Today, “Eco-friendly” is a hot phrase in marketing. Beware of hosting companies that use “Green Hosting” as advertising tricks. Make sure that the provider is certified with the appropriate authority.

  • Unnecessarily cheap hosting plans

Cheaper than cheap? Some companies claim that they offer the cheapest hosting on the market, but in fact this is not the case. Please do not be fooled by the ads and always look carefully.

Compare prices with other companies and review your hosting plan carefully. How much disk space can be taken, how many MySQL databases are allowed, how many FTP users are allowed, how many domains are allowed to be added, what is the limit on scripts – these are issues that need to be considered before transferring your card data. For more details, better visit- https://www.mytruehost.in/linux_cpanel_reseller_web_hosting_plans.php

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