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Secure Joomla site.

To avoid Joomla site to be hacked follow the following steps. Disable RG_EMULATION for Joomla. When this option is enabled even the latest Joomla is vulnerable to some variable injections. It can be disabled by placing the following line in your configuration.php: if(!defined(‘RG_EMULATION’)) { define( ‘RG_EMULATION’, 0 ); } ————- Secure your administrator’s area. This […]

user_password_dynamic_validation() error while installing Drupal 6.15

I have faced a big problem while installing Drupal. I am receiving following error message [Sun Feb 28 10:00:20 2010] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function _user_password_dynamic_validation() in /usr/share/drupal/install.php on line 710, referer: http://localhost/drupal/install.php? profile=default&localize=true To resolve above issue we need to manually update the table values From shell run following […]

Joomla “Not a valid image” issue

While uploading images we are receiving “Not a valid image” error message. To resolve error message refer following steps. First login into Joomla admin section and check box following option. Global Config > System – restrict uploads = No – check mime types = No Second edit configuration.php file and change. From var $ftp_enable = […]

Joomla “404 component error”

While browsing Joomla site “404 component error” message refer following steps to resolve issue. Login into Joomla admin section Then select Menus >> Menu Item Manager Check box “Home” option from list and then only click on the YELLOW star icon in the upper-right corner. Now browse your site and if you are still having […]

Magento “Fatal error: Undefined class constant ‘XML_PATH_USE_CUSTOM_ADMIN_URL’ “

After upgrading the Magento mostly the following error is occurred. Fatal error: Undefined class constant ‘XML_PATH_USE_CUSTOM_ADMIN_URL’ in /home/test123/public_html/app/code/core/Mage/Core/Controller/Varien/Router/Admin.php on line 123 Solution : To resolve the above error refer the following steps. 1st take backup for the file /app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/helper/Data.php 2nd) Change the following line in the file /app/code/core/Mage/Adminhtml/helper/Data.php   From class Mage_Adminhtml_Helper_Data extends Mage_Core_Helper_Abstract {protected $_pageHelpUrl; To class Mage_Adminhtml_Helper_Data extends Mage_Core_Helper_Abstract {const XML_PATH_ADMINHTML_ROUTER_FRONTNAME   = ’admin/routers/adminhtml/args/frontName’; const XML_PATH_USE_CUSTOM_ADMIN_URL         = ’default/admin/url/use_custom’; […]

Simple steps for SSH Server Hardening.

SSH Server Hardening in one of the security part to secure your server.Refer following steps to secure SSH. root@serevr[~]#pico /etc/ssh/sshd_config Uncomment  #Protocol 2, 1 Change to Protocol 2 Append these lines to the bottom: LoginGraceTime 120 IgnoreRhosts yes X11Forwarding no Save file and restart the SSH service. root@serevr[~]#/etc/rc.d/init.d/sshd restart Note : SSH Protocol one  based servers […]

How to define iptables rules save option?

iptables creating rules after restarting the iptables. When iptables service is restarted settings from /etc/sysconfig/iptables file are applied and used with the iptables. You can either set up iptables rule so that current stat is saved the rule upon restart or stop/start: You need to make changes in following file as per your requirement for […]

How to disable root login and enable key authentication on Dedicated server?

How to disable root login and enable key authentication on Dedicated server? Refer following steps to disable direct root login. 1. SSH into your server as root user. 2. Open file sshd_config in your favorite editor pico /etc/ssh/sshd_config 3. Find the line Protocol 2, 1 4. Uncomment line and change it to look like Protocol […]

Script to check the ip for domains

Many time we are facing the problem while auditing the server for active domains, at that time we can use the following script to check which domain is resolving to which ip. Copy all the domains hosted on the server in the simple text file, for example we have copied all the domains in the […]

MySql server error “Client does not support authentication protocol”.

After upgrade server to 5.1 generally we are getting following error message. Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client. The above error message are receiving because latest version of MySql uses a new format for the password in that case to use older client to use older version Mysql […]