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Method to take mysql dump of table structures

In order to take the dump of a database table structure you can use the option “-d” of mysqldump. The syntax is given below. $ mysqldump -u USERNAME -p -d  DATABASENAME  –tables TABLENAME1 TABLENAME2  >  FILENAME.sql Replace the USERNAME, DATABASENAME, TABLENAME, FILENAME with the original one. You can verify the file for the table structures. […]

Configure Cute FTP Client

Step by step procedure to configure Cute FTP client : To configure CuteFTP, please follow the instructions provided below: 1) Goto File, and open the site manager, the site setting window below will open. 2) Click on the NEW button 3) In the “Label for your site” field, type just the name of your website. […]

Configuring Passive ports in PROFTPD

Configuring Passive ports in PROFTPD Edit /etc/proftpd.conf or whatever your conf file is: PassivePorts 40000 40100 Now enable this port range in iptables.    

Unable to update main FTP account password

Unable to update the main (default) FTP account password via control panel. The following error occurred:   Attempting to modify nonexistent username Couldn’t delete previous ProFTPd user config file.   OR Unable to update the main FTP user password. The issue is occurring due to the absence of password entry in the passwd.vhosts file.   […]

Ftp error “553 Disk full – please upload later”

Problem: You get the ftp error “553 Disk full – please upload later”, even when the quota of the user has not been exceeded and the disk partition in which all the user accounts reside (say /dev/sda5) is not full. Cause: The value of the variable ‘MaxDiskUsage’ in the pure-ftpd configuration file (/etc/pure-ftpd.conf ) will […]

Hiding folders to avoid deletion via FTP

It is better to hide tmp/usr/lib/var folders via the conf file(when accessing ftp) so that these folders will not be accessed by the users. If it is proftpd, find out the proftpd.conf Add the following to the proftpd.conf file: <Directory ~> HideGroup wheel </Directory> <Directory ~> HideNoAccess yes </Directory> Enter the directory path near to […]